Virgo Suta animate April 25 celebrations in Monchique

The Virgin Suta concert at 21 pm on April 30th will be one of the highlights of the […]

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The Virgo Suta concert at 21 pm on April 30th will be one of the highlights of the April 24th celebrations in Monchique. In addition to the musical entertainment, the mountain village will mark the date with sports and outdoor activities.

According to Monchique City Council, the Virgin Suta, composed by Nuno Figueiredo and Jorge Benvinda, “expire Portugal and assume it. They play adufe and cavaquinho because that's what comes naturally to them. To this they combine an irony that appears at intervals, unusual, not an easy laugh, but one that is only sketched after the message has been deconstructed».

The morning of the 25th begins with the Liberdade Cycle Tour, at 9:00 am, starting at Heliporto Municial, which will tour all the parishes of the county. At 10:00 am, the Flag Flag at Paços do Concelho, followed by the pigeons' release, at the Monte VElho Training Field.

The day will also be filled with a running march, traditional games, target shooting, karate demonstrations, football games and various animations, organized and promoted by local clubs and associations and aimed at the entire population.

The City Council will also promote “several activities” and a convivial lunch, starting at 12:30 pm, at the Fire Station.

«These are sporting and free activities in an association with this date that celebrates freedom. It is time then to go out into the street, to take advantage of these proposals and to celebrate April and the day that opened the paths to freedom, solidarity and democracy”, concludes the Monchique local authority.

The complete program can be consulted here.