Algarve already has three new health units

The Mons Cicus Community Care Unit (UCC) in Monchique, the UCC Rîbat in Aljezur, and the […]

UCC Mons Cicus

The Mons Cicus Community Care Unit (UCC) in Monchique, the UCC Rîbat in Aljezur and the Amendoeira Family Health Unit (USF) in Lagos were inaugurated this Friday, April 13th by Rosa Valente de Matos, Secretary of State for Health. 

The minister "stressed the importance of collaboration between Health and social partners in creating better treatment for users."

The visit to the Barlavento Health Centers Grouping (ACeS) units began at the Mons Cicus Community Care Unit (UCC) in Monchique, where the team of nine professionals received the secretary of the Estrado da Saúde (SES), Paulo Morgado, President of the Board of Directors of the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of the Algarve, and Rui André, Mayor of Monchique.

The team, made up of four nurses, a technical assistant, an operational assistant, a doctor, an oral hygienist and a social service technician, provides health care and psychological and social support at home and community levels in the areas of maternal and child health. and continuous integrated care, to people, families and vulnerable groups in situations of greater risk or physical and functional dependence or illness that requires close monitoring, covering about 5700 users.

UCC Rîbat

In his inaugural speech, Paulo Morgado spoke about the National Health Service's goal of "getting to people's homes", and the work carried out by the UCC is to guarantee this.

«With the collaboration of the Municipality of Monchique, I think that this year we have the conditions to have another vehicle of our own to reach the remote areas of this municipality with even more quality», being the municipality one of ten in the region that will be reinforced with a Unit of Proximity Mobile Health, in a pilot project co-financed by the European Union.

For her part, Rosa Valente de Matos highlighted the importance of the work carried out by the UCC, which requires the collaboration of the team of health professionals with all entities within the community to ensure the best care for users who end up being the same as the local authority. and mercy serve.

"If we all work together, if we all talk to each other, and if each one does what he/she is responsible for, we are all happier, we all take better care and serve people better", stressed the official, adding that it is necessary to work “networked” and “going to meet people” so that they can be cared for in the way they want.

With the opening of UCC Rîbat at the Aljezur Health Center, 5600 users are now covered by the team of 12 professionals – five nurses, two doctors, a superior social service technician, an oral hygienist, a technical assistant, an assistant operational and a psychologist.

At the time of the unveiling of the UCC plaque, where José Gonçalves, mayor of Aljezur was also present, Paulo Morgado highlighted the acquisition of a nearby Mobile Health Unit for the municipality of Aljezur, a «good practice recognized by the European Union » which will be «shared with other European countries».

“We bring to Aljezur what we think is a matter of justice, equity and something that the people of Aljezur wanted and deserve. We can still improve a lot. The opening of this UCC is a step in the right direction to respond to the needs of people who are increasingly older and with mobility difficulties», he said, congratulating the team.

In her intervention, the secretary of the State of Health stressed the importance of putting people “first” and using existing resources in the community, in collaboration with other entities.

“Our role is to respond to people's needs rather than having preconceived ideas about what we think they need. The articulation with local authorities, including parishes, parishes, mercies, teams that work in health centers, in the hospital, is important for the integration of care. If we work together, maybe we don't have a lack of resources and we can do more and better», he said.

USF Almond

The 15th Amendoeira do Algarve Family Health Unit (USF) was also inaugurated in Lagos, headquartered at the local Health Center and which also covers the Bensafrim and Odiáxere Health Centers.

Nine nurses, eight general and family medicine doctors and seven administrative staff make up the multi-professional team that comprises approximately 13600 users.

“The reality here today is very different than two or three years ago. We have made a successful path in the area of ​​primary health care. We have more professionals. We have motivated teams. This was, at the time, the Health Center that had the most users without a family doctor in the region. This does not happen today. It is the NHS as it should be, a service for everyone», said Paulo Morgado.

«There are 13600 users who will have a family doctor, this is the big step we are taking today», stressed, in turn, Rosa Valente de Matos.

«This path was made because we have a strong National Health Service, with a lot of competence, with a lot of knowledge. We are a quality NHS and it is an honor to work in the National Health Service» he emphasized. Hugo Pereira, vice-president of the Chamber of Lagos, was also present at the ceremony.

The entry into activity of these three functional units is part of the strategy assumed by the Board of Directors of ARS Algarve with a view to strengthening the provision of health care increasingly closer to people, with the region now having 14 Care Units in the Community (seven in ACeS Barlavento, five in ACeS Central and two in ACeS Sotavento).

The coverage by family doctor at the regional level is currently 85,4%. In ACeS Barlavento, the percentage of users with a family doctor assigned has been increasing consistently and covers more than 70% of the population.

The creation of the USF Amendoeira will contribute to an increase in family doctor coverage, with an expected benefit of 6784 users. The Lagos Health Center increased from 77,8% of users with a family doctor to 82,2% between November 2017 and February 2018.