March's Beta Talk infects young people with entrepreneurial visions

The Beta Talk in March will infect young people with entrepreneurial visions in the area of ​​healthy eating and activities for […]

The March Beta Talk will infect young people with entrepreneurial visions in the area of ​​healthy eating and family activities. It will be on the 16th, Friday, at 19 pm, this time in a different location, at Centro DUAL de Portimão.

The invitation is extended not only to the students of this training school, but to all interested parties to join the conversation with Erika Purificação, founder of the “Full warehouse”, in Portimão, and Joana and Nuno Espiñal, founders of “to the moon”, in Lagos, and let yourself be infected by the entrepreneurial and differentiating vision of these two projects.

This is a special Beta Talk, under the seal of “March Jovem”.

Erika Purificação was born in Brazil, but has been living in the Algarve for over twenty years, where she studied, got married and worked for thirteen years at the counter of a pharmacy. In 2015, he decided it was the right time to start his own project and open what he considers to be his real pharmacy.

A trip to S. Paulo, Brazil, where she had to be inspired by the concept of selling super foods in bulk, as well as the need to change her own diet and the difficulty, as a consumer, in finding good products at reasonable prices , in the summer of 2016, opened the doors of Armazém Integral, in Portimão.

It is a healthy food store and sells in bulk, with excellent quality products (no extraneous ingredients) at fair prices, where there is a concern to raise awareness in the community of the importance of a more responsible and sustainable consumption, with reduction of plastics in packaging.

Today the Full warehouse it is already a project for two, with the arrival of her husband, who brought the bet on healthy catering and home deliveries, serving not only meals, but also fostering a dynamic of workshops and product presentations, which meet a growing number of people looking for professional nutrition products and advice tailored to their lifestyle.

Joana and Nuno Espiñal came from lands to the North, called to the South by the sun, the sea and the hospitality, they undertook in the search for happiness, tracing a path that took them from a training in Painting and another in Management Informatics and Music, to pass by various workplaces, which left them pointed to horizons different from what they have today.

Between a passage through school and work related to education and art, they realized that the path to the future would be this one, but without being within the education system. They ended up giving rise to a project, at first sight, out of the ordinary.

That's how the “to the moon”, which is nothing more than the combination of everything they believe in – “a store with children's books, board games and educational and sustainable toys; a space with activities for the whole family and a project that aims to bridge the gap between the traditional and the future, to be a fertile ground for making dreams come true and a home for everyone who feels good about it. A space where anything can happen, which cannot only be explained, it will also have to be felt».

More than an event with a scheduled date and time (always on the 16th of each month, in the late afternoon), Beta Talk in Portimão has become, since July 2012, a meeting point for entrepreneurs and an inspiring movement.

Participation in this special Youth Beta Talk is open to anyone who wants to be infected by the entrepreneurial spirit of this initiative. As usual, entry is free, with prior registration through

Beta Talk is an initiative promoted by Beta-i – Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and is locally organized by the Municipality of Portimão, with the media partnership of “Sul Informação” and the collaboration of Escola Secundária Poeta António Aleixo, at the level of the Multimedia Course, which ensures photographic coverage.

It also has the support of the University of Algarve, through CRIA – Algarve Regional Center for Innovation/Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer, ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, NERA – Business Association of the Algarve Region, radio University RUA FM, APGICO – Portuguese Association for Creativity and Innovation, GAIM – Academic Research and Marketing Office and Inesting, in addition to the Algarve Employment page in terms of dissemination.