Portimonense went to the Fair and brought three stitches in the "bag"

Portimonense returned to victories in the I League. The Algarve beat Feirense 3-1, in a game that reached […]

Photo by Nelson Inácio/Archive Image

Portimonense returned to victories in the I League. The Algarve beat Feirense by 3-1, in a game that proved to be difficult for the team from Portimão, which still brought three points from Santa Maria da Feira.

The game started off warm and had little history until the 26th minute, when Fabrício scored and put Portimonense in advantage, in a play that started in Wellington, who isolated his teammate with a cross from the right.

Feirense reacted and reached the tie in the 32nd minute, in a set-piece. Babanco hit, Flávio Ramos deflected it and Luís Rocha put the ball in goal.

Before the break, Portimonense had a sovereign opportunity to get back in front, but Feirense goalkeeper Caio Secco came out at the feet of Wellington, who was well positioned to score, and canceled the bid.

Feirense came back better from the rest and was the most dangerous team. But Portimonense reacted, from the 60th minute, and created another sovereign opportunity to get ahead, but Caio Secco was decisive once again by avoiding the second of the Algarve.

The Feirense goalkeeper was unable, shortly after, to prevent Wellington from scoring the number two goal of the Portimão team, on 69 minutes. Nakajima makes a tearing pass, with count and measure, isolating the striker, who, this time, beat Caio Secco.

The second goal reassured the Algarve, who began to dominate the game, although without investing much in attack. Even so, Portimonense would reach third, in the 87th minute. And what a goal! Nakajima dominates a cross by Hackman from the chest, already inside the penalty area, looks, takes the measurements on goal and makes a hat to Caio Secco.

The final result was done, which puts Portimonense in 10th place, with 27 points, at the beginning of the 23rd round of the I League.