PSD accuses Government of failing to keep promise to reduce tolls on Via do Infante

José Carlos Barros, deputy of the PSD, accused, this Monday, November 6, in the debate on the specialty of the State Budget, […]

José Carlos Barros, deputy of the PSD, this Monday, November 6, accused the Government of not “fulfilling the promises made in 2015 on the reduction of tolls on Via do Infante (A22). )'.

According to the Algarve parliamentarian, during the electoral campaign, the PS "publicly assumed the immediate reduction of 50% in the value of the tolls and a free Via do Infante road".

José Carlos Barros questioned Pedro Marques, Minister of Planning and Infrastructure, about the reasons why these promises, contained in the Regional Manifesto presented to the Algarve in September 2015, remain unfulfilled.

The deputy also referred to the positions of the Left Bloc and the CDU, saying that, "despite publicly defending the end of tolls, the truth is that they are preparing to approve the third State Budget which considers exactly the opposite".

In response to the PSD deputy, Pedro Marques referred that the Government has already lowered the tolls on Via do Infante, in August 2016, "with a very positive impact on users".

At the high, tolls are down 15%.