Portimão “debuts” joining the Eunice Network of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II with «Lear»

Last night, Casa Full marked the premiere in Portimão of the play «Lear», the first show brought to TEMPO by […]

Last night, Casa full marked the premiere in Portimão of the play «Lear», the first show brought to TEMPO by Rede Eunice, within the scope of the protocol signed between the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and the Algarve structure.

João Ventura, director of the Municipal Theater of Portimão, announced, before the presentation, that this was «the first of eight plays that the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II will bring to Portimão, throughout the 2017/2020 triennium».

Expressing satisfaction with the fact that TEMPO's candidacy to integrate the Eunice Network having been approved, the person in charge of the Portimonian room added that this allows "a program that articulates what is created locally with what comes from abroad".

On the other hand, Tiago Rodrigues, artistic director of D. Maria II, underlined that it is «an honor to assume this commitment to Portimão», since, since the National Theater is «paid by the taxes of all Portuguese people», it is its duty to present the work. «together with all the Portuguese», who «cannot travel to Lisbon every week to see what we do there».

Tiago Rodrigues highlighted the importance of «selecting TEMPO and Portimão to be the fourth partner of the Eunice Network», since «a city with a great cultural tradition and where political decision-makers value culture was chosen». TEMPO, said the director of D.Maria II, is "a theater that, in 2018, is ten years old, and ten years of great resilience."

Rui Catarino, administrator of the Teatro Nacional, underlined the importance of integrating Portimão «in the network that bears the name of a great lady of Portuguese theater», Eunice Muñoz. The Algarve city is now part of the network, after "an application and selection process", joining Vila Real (Trás-os-Montes), Sardoal and Funchal.

In the first season of this partnership, which began with «Lear», the plays «Montanha-Russa», on April 2018, a show by the duo Miguel Fragata and Inês Barahona, will also appear on the stage of TEMPO, during the first half of 21. , joined by Hélder Gonçalves and Manuela Azevedo, aimed at young and family audiences, and which Rui Catarino described as “a youth musical”, and, on June 30, “Sweet home Europe”, staged by João Pedro Mamede.

Even before the tragedy of King Lear took the stage, Isilda Gomes, mayor, expressed her great satisfaction with «this partnership that will raise the standards of culture in Portimão».

As for the play itself, «Lear» is a new adaptation of the tragedy by William Shakespeare, in a staging by Bruno Bravo/Primeiros Turísticos, which was premiered at the opening of the season at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, in Lisbon.

The old king is here played by a woman. There was even talk that the role would be played by Eunice Muñoz, in the premiere in Lisbon, but that did not happen. And it's the actress Paula Só giving body and voice to this king. For Lear is the father, the mother, the king, the queen. Old West and Old Europe.

He decides, still alive, to share his legacy and the throne that weighs on him in his age among his daughters. In return, he asks them for good talk about the love and devotion they owe him. Cordelia, the youngest, can't find words to illuminate what she feels – maybe there aren't any – and ends up saying: nothing. “Nothing” will forever haunt Shakespeare's long poem King Lear. Children kill parents, who kill children. The beginning and the end of things are announced – with choruses and storms.

With music by Sérgio Delgado and scenery by Stéphane Alberto, Bruno Bravo wanted to emphasize the simplicity of the stage, with a meager presence of elements, such as a stone throne or a horse.

The cast also includes Ana Brandão, António Mortágua, Carla Galvão, Carolina Salles, Joana Campos, João Pedro Dantas, José Redondo and Miguel Sopas.

The hall at the Municipal Theater of Portimão was sold out, to receive this premiere of the play in Algarve lands and by Rede Eunice itself. And it was an auspicious way to start the partnership, with a high quality production, that put the Portimonian public in contact with Shakespeare.

«Lear» – Photo by Filipe Ferreira