Lusíadas Saúde creates information and warning platform for childhood obesity

Lusíadas Saúde has just launched a platform dedicated to childhood obesity, focused on “information to combat and prevent […]

Lusíadas Saúde has just launched a platform dedicated to childhood obesity, focused on “information to combat and prevent this epidemic”. 

This Wednesday, October 11th, is the World Day to Combat Obesity. «With the motto “Child obesity teaches children things they should never know”, this release is accompanied by a video that has children talking about possible pathologies associated with obesity», explains Lusíadas.

“As our mission is to help people live healthier lives, we feel we must have a voice in this epidemic. Lusíadas Saúde provides a platform for health and well-being content – ​​Rota da Saúde – which now has an exclusive area dedicated to childhood obesity, with information and advice available 24 hours a day and with the scientific validation of our clinical staff », explains José Carlos Magalhães, president of Lusíadas Saúde.

"We want to alert parents, caregivers and society in general not only to the problems caused by being overweight, but also to the need to encourage prevention through healthier eating habits and regular physical exercise", he adds.

Leopoldo Matos, coordinator of the medical council of the same group, considers that «childhood obesity is a public health issue and goes far beyond an aesthetic issue. In Portugal, about 1/3 of children are overweight and 17% suffer from obesity».

“These numbers are alarming, considering that these children are at risk of suffering from pathologies associated with obesity. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver, sleep apnea are just a few. And, in fact, these are experiences that no child should have to go through,” he adds.

All campaign materials are available here, on the Lusíadas Health Route, a digital platform that brings together free and scientifically validated content for the general public, now having a specific category on childhood obesity.

Here you can find articles from various specialists (pediatricians, nutritionists, psychologists, endocrinologists, among others) who intend to help Portuguese families. either in combating childhood obesity or in its prevention.