Carlos Silva e Sousa prioritizes “anti-flood” works in Albufeira, which already wanted to start

There are many measures planned, but if there are works that the mayor of Albufeira Carlos Silva e Sousa does not […]

There are many measures planned, but if there are works that the mayor of Albufeira Carlos Silva e Sousa does not want to stop doing, they are those linked to the General Drainage Plan of the Municipality, which will allow you to avoid floods like those that devastated the county on November 1, 2015.

Among these works it's a big (and costly) tunnel, which will serve to divert the flow of the Albufeira stream from downtown towards the sea. But there is much more to be done under this plan, which has the signature of the full professor Jose Saldanha Matos, whose office "also designed the drainage project for Lisbon," according to Carlos Silva e Sousa, who was sworn in for a new term yesterday, October 17th.

“I don't know if I will complete it in this term, but I hope so. It is a project that I believe is fundamental for Albufeira and that will require some financial sacrifice», he said. But it is an effort that the Albufeirense mayor reveals that he has no problems in carrying out, since, for him, «the work had already begun».

"We are in the project phase, which I hope will be completed as soon as possible, as we have the financial means to carry it out", guaranteed Carlos Silva e Sousa, on the sidelines of the swearing-in session of those elected to the municipal bodies of Albufeira . This is an intervention that “will serve the council at least until the end of the century”.

The ceremony that had ended minutes earlier dictated that the PSD, the party that won the Chamber, would also take over the presidency of the Municipal Assembly. But he didn't get the whole table.

The Social Democrats do not have a majority in this body and, despite having elected more deputies directly, they are tied in number of elements with the PS, due to the three presidents of the junta elected by the Socialists (the PSD only has one). There are also three more parties with seats in AM, all with one element: the CDU, BE and PAN (which have already made public announcements that they have established a political partnership with the PSD in Albufeira, that is, that they voted in favour. ).

In the first vote, in which each of the most represented parties (11 deputies each) presented a list of three elements, there was a tie to 12, with a blank vote.

The scrutiny was repeated, this time with different lists for each position on the board – president, 1st secretary and 2nd secretary. This time, in the vote for the position of second secretary, the PS got one more vote (13 to 12), but the tie remained for the other positions. In a second vote, the party with the most votes in the direct election, the PSD, won. In the end, the Social Democrat Paulo Freitas remained as president.

If in the Municipal Assembly there was “some suspense” and votes with an uncertain outcome, the same should not happen in the Chamber, where Carlos Silva e Sousa got the majority that he escaped in the first term. This will give you another leeway to move your program forward.

“It is a mandate of great ambition, as we start with financial means and we have projects. We are going to carry out many actions and works that are necessary for Albufeira», he assured. These interventions will be “of a social, cultural, urban rehabilitation character… there is a lot to do”.

The objective of Carlos Silva e Sousa is to end this mandate with «a Albufeira with good capacity to attract and conserve wealth, with solidarity and with entrepreneurs with social concerns and well-paid workers».


Photos: Hugo Rodrigues|Sul Informação