Algarve went to Argentina to show an offer in active tourism and "surprised" participants

The Algarve Tourism Association participated in the World Travel Adventure Summit, which took place between 15 and 19 October, at […]

Associação Turismo do Algarve participated in the World Travel Adventure Summit, which took place between 15 and 19 October, in Argentina, where it presented the region's offer in active tourism.

According to ATA, the agency responsible for promoting external tourism, the Algarve, which was present at the event for the first time, surprised participants with its offer in this segment.

According to ATA, the Adventure Travel World Summit is «one of the main international events dedicated exclusively to active tourism» and was attended by around 850 professionals from all over the world.

This participation “is the result of the growing commitment that the Algarve has been making in promoting this segment and after ATA became, last year, a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association – the world's largest organization dedicated to promoting this tourist industry. The objective is to position the Algarve as a top destination for the practice of active tourism», explains the association.

During the event, ATA «had the opportunity to meet with various international tour operators in the specialty, as well as to attend several seminars dedicated to the theme, which addressed, among others, issues such as the current profile and motivations of tourists from active tourism, the main trends that exist in this market (with emphasis on the importance of developing sustainable tourism) or even the presentation of desirable strategies and positions for tourist entertainment companies dedicated to this niche».

According to ATA, participation in the event allowed the organization to “strengthen its know-how in relation to this product and the visitor who is looking for it'.

The association says that «given the high growth potential of this segment in the region, the investment in active tourism by the ATA has been growing in recent years, as a strategic way to increase the number of tourists in the intermediate and low seasons, since that this type of tourist avoids the high season».

«If we want to attract more tourists during the low season, we must continue to work on promoting the region with these niche markets and this type of off-season tourist», defends Dora Coelho, executive director of ATA.

«The participation of the Algarve in this event was extremely important, as we had the opportunity to make known to the operators present the unique conditions that the region offers for the practice of active tourism and that make our destination a differentiating alternative to other markets. O feedback What we got was very positive and with some surprise the mix by some operators who still saw the Algarve only as a summer holiday destination», he reveals.

In addition to the Algarve, represented by ATA and the Rota Vicentina Association, the national presence was also noted at this World Travel Adventure Summit through the participation of other destinations such as the Azores and some companies dedicated to this type of tourism.

«It is important that there is an increasingly strong and representative presence of Portugal in this type of actions dedicated to active tourism, since the strengths and potential that our country has to offer in this area are many and diverse (but still unknown). , from north to south and also on the islands», says Dora Coelho.

"In this context, it would be interesting to see a concerted effort, so that all regions could be represented in the next edition of this event and in other similar initiatives", concludes the responsible.