Even the Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense Band played music at the Fora d'Horas Market [photo gallery]

The last Fora d'Horas Market this season took place last Thursday, in Silves, between fruit and vegetable stands, […]

O Last Out of Hours Market this season took place last Thursday, in Silves, among fruit and vegetable stands, regional sweets, liqueurs, juices and wines, and even a culinary demonstration of the private Augusto Lima, as always, using the products he found right there, at the Market.

But there was still room to present the art of tin making, so that the urban sketchers to draw the market and its people, exhibitions and various presentations, in a night full of entertainment downtown.

As for music, it was in charge of the percussion group PercuTunes, by DJ GiJoe, and finally, outdoors and with hundreds of people watching, there was a concert by the Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense Band. The concert, much applauded, went through António Zambujo's "Pica do 7", and ended with a medley of songs by Xutos&Pontapés.

It was a way of preparing the people of Silvenses for the week of the Medieval Fair, which would start in two days.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues|Sul Informação