Lagos: Water Kings was a «success» that challenged athletes «to overcome their limits»

The second edition of the Water Kings took place between 12:00 on July 1st and 00:00 on the 2nd, […]

The second edition of the Water Kings took place between 12:00 on July 1st and 00:00 on the 2nd, in Meia Praia, Lagos, and was a "success", with the athletes "overcoming their limits", according to organization. 

The winning team were the "Top Speeders", with 110 points saved, in a competition that had an "unprecedented format", bringing together teams in the modalities of kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing and stand up paddle.

The Water Kings tested the resilience and teamwork of the most adventurous. The variation in weather conditions forced a good management of the timings entry of the teams at different times and in the modalities chosen in each period.

The morning was mostly filled with stand-up paddleboarding, and in the afternoon, with the entrance of the wind, it was the turn of the specialist athletes in kitesurf, candle and windsurf show their fiber.

For Maria Joaquina Matos, Mayor of Lagos, who attended the awards ceremony, «Water Kings is a winning bet and reinforces the connection between Lagos and the sea and the importance of investing in events with this projection that help to give back to the sea its relevance».

Francisco Lufinha, organizer of the Water Kings, was satisfied with the second edition of the competition and highlighted his desire to internationalize the event.

«We are very pleased to bring together in Lagos, in an unprecedented event in the world, athletes from various disciplines. There were excellent conditions for all water sports involved and the ingredients are gathered so that we can test the water kings worldwide,” he said.



general classificationto the:




1st – Top Speeders (110 points)

2nd – Neptune Sons (106 points)

3rd – Water Boyz (103 points)

4th – Bernardos Lx (102 points)

5th – Indian Tools (100 points)

6th – Wisdom (100 points)

7th – Ocean Blue (92 points)

8th – Ocean Flyers (69 points)

9th – Breathe (68 points)

10th - Bmad (DNS)