JSD's “Formar Young Algarvian Mayors” showed the “importance” of Municipal Assemblies

The second session of the JSD/Algarve initiative “Formar Young Mayors in the Algarve” took place on July 8, with José Carlos Barros […]

The second session of JSD/Algarve's “Former Young Mayors in the Algarve” initiative was held on 8 July, with José Carlos Barros and Paulo Freitas, presidents of the Municipal Assemblies of Vila Real de Santo António and Albufeira, respectively, warning for «the importance of the organ they lead». 

This session took place at the Salão Nobre da Câmara de Albufeira.

José Carlos Barros, who is also a PSD deputy in the Assembly of the Republic, highlighted, throughout the session, that «desirably, the role of the Municipal Assemblies should, at every moment, reinvent itself, even because of the growing role they can play in terms of appeal for broader civic participation and the re-launch of interest in politics and on the part of citizens».

Paulo Freitas, on the other hand, referred that «the presidency of a Municipal Assembly must ensure impartiality, as it is necessary to manage the executive power and the deliberative power».

This president also alerted to the fact that the Municipal Assembly, although it holds a series of extremely important competences, namely, supervision, lacks autonomy in the exercise of the fullness of its functions, finding itself «excessively dependent on the Municipal Council».

José Carlos Barros corroborated this understanding, considering “it is important that the functioning of Municipal Assemblies, at different levels, is no longer dependent on resources made available to them by the Municipal Chambers”.

As for the participation of young people in local government, a subject that, for the JSD, "will always be a point of order", both invited mayors said that "young people should be taken into account for their irreverence and willingness to question".

“Young people are aware of other realities and democracy can only benefit from the confrontation of ideas. The participation of young people must be valued”, they added.

JSD/Algarve “will compile all these matters in its notebook of good practices and municipal policies, resulting in a set of youth policy proposals that will be sent to the party and to the JSD Councils”.

The third and last session of the “Formar Young Algarvian Mayors” has not yet been scheduled, but it will be about the role of the Municipal Councils, and will be attended by Rui André (president of the Municipal Council of Monchique) and Luís Gomes (president of the Vila Real de Santo António Chamber).