BTT Municipal Cup takes adrenaline to Odemira

The 4th Municipal Mountain Bike Cup in the municipality of Odemira, which includes five cross country competitions, will be held between […]


The 4th Municipal Mountain Bike Cup in the municipality of Odemira, which includes five cross country events, will be held between June and November.

According to the Chamber of Odemira, the objective of this municipal cup is to affirm the municipality ««as a territory of excellence for the practice of mountain biking in terms of tourism, leisure and competition».

The first race is scheduled for June 18, in Odemira, with the SW Marathon, promoted by Clube BTT de Odemira.

The 9th Medronho Route is scheduled for the 10th of July, organized by Grupo Desportivo e Recreativo de Amoreiras-Gare.

On the 24th of September, the 6th Desenferruja Canelas competition will take place, organized by Associação Vale Bejinha e Carrasqueira.

For the 22nd of October, the 9th test Entre o Rio eo Mar is scheduled, in Longueira, organized by the Os Duraizos Mountain Bike Section of the Associação Cultural, Recreativa e Desportiva da Longueira.

The last stage will be the 4th edition of the competition Pelas Serras do Sudoeste, on November 5th, in S. Teotónio, organized by Clube BTT do Sudoeste.

The five events of the Odemira MTB Concelhia Cup include two courses: the Half Marathon (with an average distance between 40 and 50 km) and the marathon (with a long distance between 60 and 80 km), with the same courses for the levels male and female.

At the end of the MTB Concelhia Cup, monetary prizes are awarded to the top three classified in the men's and women's classes. The final classification of each athlete is established by the sum of the points earned.

The Chamber of Odemira explains that “if the athlete has participated in five competitions, the worst classification will not be considered. The winners will be known in the final competition, on November 5th, in S. Teotónio».

Registration for the various events must be made directly through the online registration system provided by the organizers of each event. The regulation of the Municipal BTT Odemira Cup is available here e here.