Sociedade Ponto de Verde gives tips for «a more environmentally friendly summer»

Give rest to everything… except recycling, separating the metal containers, or not throwing garbage into the sand or […]

Resting everything… except recycling, separating metal containers, or not throwing garbage in the sand or the sea are some of Sociedade Ponto Verde's tips for «a more environmentally friendly summer».

«We all need a vacation, but there are essential habits that should not even be neglected when resting, such as recycling. Whatever the plan – a picnic, a trip to the beach or a walk in the countryside – take with you a bag for papers, one for plastic, metal and juice packets and, if applicable, another one for glass» , explains that society.

So, when it's time to put it in the recycling bin, the trash is already sorted and you don't have to worry about sorting it out. If you go on vacation outside your city, there will certainly be an ecopoint nearby – the Ponto Verde system covers 100% of the national territory, with more than 43 ecopoints across the country.

«All you have to do is have a destination for each type of waste and you will see that the task is simple and the environment appreciates it», considers Sociedade Ponto Verde.

As for sunscreens: if the packaging is made of plastic or metal, when it arrives at the end, its destination should be the yellow recycling bin. If this comes inside a cardboard box, it too must go to the blue ecopoint.

«Steel and aluminum are materials that still raise some doubts when it comes to recycling. May be present in packaging of takeaway and frozen, in canning and beverage cans, and even in aluminum foil, among others. After enjoying your meal, don't forget to put this package in the yellow recycling bin».

With regard to trips to the beach, “remember that this is a public and natural space and that recycling should be remembered. Take small bags to separate the garbage and, when leaving the beach, place them in the respective recycling bins. Butts should not be left in the sand either – they are not biodegradable and on many beaches there are already portable ashtrays available, which you can take with you to place and then return when leaving the beach, without any environmental impact».

And even small meals, such as hot dogs, must be taken into account, since "empty mustard tubes must go to the yellow recycling bin".

As for glass packaging, they can gain a new life with recycling. «In fact, glass can be recycled forever, with 100% use. Transforming starts with recycling», considers Sociedade Ponto Verde.

And after the late-afternoon snack where you can't miss a fresh nectar… don't forget to put the glass bottle in the green recycling bin.

Also the soda cans must be separated and placed for recycling. Empty metallic aerosol cans should go to the yellow ecopoint. Once recycled, the metal that makes them up will gain new life.

Even summer perfumes, as long as they have a glass bottle, must be placed in the green recycling bin.