ICIA honors Manuel Teixeira Gomes at a unique literary dinner

The Ibero-Atlantic Culture Institute (ICIA) is organizing, next Saturday, May 27, the date on which Manuel Teixeira Gomes would […]

The Instituto de Cultura Ibero-Atlântica (ICIA) is organizing, next Saturday, May 27, the date on which Manuel Teixeira Gomes would turn 157 years old, a literary dinner in Portimão with the aim of celebrating the birthday of the writer, politician and traveler from Portimão.

According to the organizers, several members of the ICIA will participate in a free recreation of a dinner in honor of Teixeira Gomes that Julião Quintinha, a tailor and journalist, founder of the republican weekly “Alma Algarvia”, organized in 1912.

João Ventura, chairman of the ICIA board, revealed that “several members of the ICIA will assume the role of figures from the past, some who attended the 1912 dinner and others who, not having participated in that dinner, will now not want to fail to its updated rerun”, the same happening with some characters from Teixeira Gomes' novels, which will come alive to surprise the honored.

João Ventura also clarified that “the event is not intended to make a historical reconstruction, but rather to take an actual episode from the biography of Manuel Teixeira Gomes to invent an episode of good conviviality and entertainment with a meaning in the life of ICIA members and Portimonenses and , at the same time, pay homage to the most illustrious of our fellow countrymen”.

Towards the end of this unique literary dinner, a surprise is planned, imagined and developed in print by Carlos Osório, vice-president of ICIA, to record the event and, at the same time, evoke the rich tradition of the regional and local press.

The dinner menu, to be held at Taberna de Portimão, with reception on the street at 19:30 pm, and with capacity for a long time, will have as reference what was served in 1912, washed down with Algarve Wines and, as Manuel Teixeira Gomes would say, “ some cups of mountain strawberry trees” from Monchique.