A “living museum” will be born to explain Pontal da Carrapateira

The Pontal da Carrapateira Interpretation Project – Vivo Museum, which involves the creation of a walking path […]

The Pontal da Carrapateira Interpretation Project – Vivo Museum, which involves the creation of a circular walking route in that area of ​​the Costa Vicentina, was presented yesterday at the Museum of the Sea and Land, in Carrapateira (Aljezur).

The route, from the small Museum located in that village, passing by the beaches of Amado and Bordeira, to reach Pontal da Carrapateira, «a reference point on the Costa Vicentina whose cultural and natural heritage is important to know and disseminate, contributing to its preservation », is a project promoted by Sociedade Polis Litoral Sudoeste.

It is an investment of 157 768 euros, with a 70% co-payment through CRESC Algarve 2020, with the remaining 30% provided by Polis Litoral Sudoeste.

The route will have two welcome panels next to the beaches of Amado and Bordeira, as well as information panels in the form of letters from the alphabet, to be installed next to points of interest in the villages of Carrapateira and Pontal.

In these panels, the visitor will be able to obtain interpretive information of the landscape and the place, which will be organized on two levels - a succinct information inscribed in the letters/totems, to allow a quick and enlightening reading, and more in-depth information housed on the website of the Municipality of Aljezur, with access through QR CODE embedded in the letter/totem, where the visitor can find images, videos, georeferenced locations, contacts, among others.

The Chamber of Aljezur adds that the project presented yesterday has already received the favorable opinions of all entities and is now going to a public tender. However, bearing in mind that summer is approaching, the installation of the course and the panels on the ground will only take place «from 15th September».

The Aljezurense municipality also emphasizes that, with this project, «we will have another valuable “tool” in the sustainable development strategy that we pursue, reinforcing our identity and valuing the territory».