Route retraces Ramos Rosa's steps by Faro in a "Literary Spring"

The literary journey António Ramos Rosa, in a journey in which the poet's steps will be retraced by Faro, This one […]

The literary journey António Ramos Rosa, in a journey in which the poet's steps will be retraced by Faro, this Saturday, April 22, at 15:00, or a session of poetry slam (poetic shock), on the 21st (Friday), at 23 pm, in the cafeteria of Teatro das Figuras, the first edition of “Primavera Literária” will be held from 00 to 21 April, in Faro.

This literary journey will be guided by some guests who met Ramos Rosa, to whom this “Literary Spring” is dedicated, and who lived with him, such as the poet, literary critic and stage director Gastão Cruz.

The historian Teodemiro Neto will also be present to talk about the importance of Café Aliança as a space for social and political intervention during António Ramos Rosa's time. The route will feature moments of poetry and a performance alluding to the life of the poet from Farense, who died in 2013.

The last station on the route will be installed in the Municipal Library, where a bibliographical exhibition with some of the collections and photographs of Ramos Rosa will be on display.

The moment will be attended by Pedro Ferré, vice-rector of the University of Algarve, and Augusto Miranda, former councilor at the Chamber of Faro, which will make known some details of the attribution of the Honoris Causa degree by the University of Algarve to Ramos Rosa, in 2003, and the process of attributing the poet's name to patron of the Municipal Library of Faro.

The session of poetry slam is hosted by members of the PortugalSlam Platform and each participant must say poems of their own, which will be in the contest.

“Primavera Literária” ends on the 23rd, at 17:00, with a gathering, which will be moderated by Pedro Mexia and with the participation of João Minhoto Marques, professor of Contemporary Portuguese Literature at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at UAlg, who will present the work by António Ramos Rosa and the poet Gastão Cruz, in the auditorium of the António Ramos Rosa Library.

After a poetry recital by actor Pedro Lamares, a cocktail party is held to mark the 16th anniversary of the António Ramos Rosa Municipal Library.

This event is part of the program 365 Algarve.