DeVir takes a «sentimental trip through Loulé» at the Cine-Teatro

A “sentimental trip through Loulé by the prestigious choreographer and dancer Francisco Camacho”, with trips to Carnival and the Sovereign Mother, […]

A "sentimental trip through Loulé by the prestigious choreographer and dancer Francisco Camacho", with trips to Carnival and to Mãe Soberana, is one of the proposals for the passage of the 3rd edition of the DeVir Encounters Festival by the Cine-Teatro Louletano on the 15th of April, at 21 pm.

This travel proposal is based on the «position of an outsider who arrives at a place trying to understand its codes and its people, approaching the history of that location and crossing it with his life path», explains the Câmara de Loulé.

And if «Loulé is an enthusiast and the main protagonist of Carnival, the choreographer, despite never having surrendered to the appeals of the event, often masks himself on stage and does not disdain to embody some of the local figures», he adds.

Even “not being a believer, a procession like that of the Sovereign Mother exerts a profound fascination on Francisco Camacho” and “cycling on a bicycle is, on the other hand, a taste that he shares with so many people from Loulé”.

«Challenged to create a creation based on the city of Loulé, the choreographer returns to the challenge, asking the spectators, in turn, to identify who Francisco Camacho is», explains the Loulé local authority.

The show also includes “Sexto Olhar”, a text by Lídia Jorge with illustration by Sara Feio and reading by Susana Menezes, as well as alternative itineraries & subjective itineraries by Luís da Cruz and Miguel Mendes, with video by Jorge Mestre Simão.

Added to this is the photography exhibition “the interest in the place”, by Luís da Cruz, open to the public from April 11th to 15th at the foyer of the Cine-Theater.

The ticket for admission to the show, which lasts 75 minutes and is aimed at people over 12 years old, costs 7 euros per person.

This festival has as its theme the de-characterization of 5 cities in the Central Algarve, asking the following starting questions: “How did we see each other? How do you see us? And how do we see each other?”.

The event is organized by DeVIR/CAPa, in a co-financed initiative 365 Algarve, Tourism of Portugal and municipalities of Faro, Loulé and São Brás de Alportel. It has the support of Al-Portel, Museu do Trajo – Amigos do Museu, University of Algarve, Monterosa, Quinta da Fornalha, Granturismo, Village of Light, INTPA (Austria), Gabrela Tudor Foundation (Romania) and Arts Council Korea.

For more information and reservations, interested parties can contact Cine-Teatro Louletano by phone 289414604 (Tuesday to Friday, from 13:00 pm to 18:00 pm) or by email [email protected]. Tickets can be purchased on the platform BOL.