Orelha Negra, Sangre Ibérico, Miguel Ângelo, Agir and Anselmo Ralph promise great Ovinights in Beja

Orelha Negra, Sangre Ibérico, Miguel Ângelo, Agir and Anselmo Ralph are the great names of the long and intense Ovinights in […]

Orelha Negra, Sangre Ibérico, Miguel Ângelo, Agir and Anselmo Ralph are the great names of the long and intense Ovinights at the 34th edition of Ovibeja, between 27 and 30 April.

A Ovibeja opens, once again, the Primavera concerts with a great project of national and international music. Orelha Negra is the name of the quintet made up of João Gomes, Francisco Rebelo, Fred, Samuel Mira and Dj Cruzfader that give life to one of the most exciting musical projects in recent years.

Because Ovibeja's nights tend to be long and intense, the first night of the 34th Ovibeja ends with the dj Señor Pelota, a vinyl lover, owner of an impressive – and enviable – collection that spans truly eclectic territories, from House to Techno, to Funk to Disco through Kraut.

On April 28, the second day of the Ovibeja, the sounds of the night are sung with Sangre Ibérico. Coming from the last edition of Got Talent Portugal, they proved to be one of the most interesting musical projects that have emerged in recent times.

Next is the big name in the Portuguese music scene, Miguel Ângelo. After 25 years of career with the Dolphins, Miguel Ângelo starts his solo career. With several works released, the live concert at Ovibeja will result in a very special conviviality party: the celebration of 33 years of career.

This night ends, at dawn, with the Meninos da Vadiagem.

On the night of April 29, one of the main singers of the new Portuguese music of urban expression takes the stage of Ovibeja: Agir.

Closing the penultimate night of Ovibeja 2017, arrives the dj Christian F. It will be the return home and to the origins of what is considered, by many, the best dj in the south and one of the best national djs.

On the last night of Ovibeja, April 30th, the main stage of the great southern fair once again receives Anselmo Ralph. With the tour O Amor é blind, Anselmo Ralph returns to Ovibeja for another night full of surprises, in which Friendship, Love and Hope is celebrated.

The dawn of the last night of Ovibeja, will be delivered to the dj CyberX.

Tickets are now on sale and just a click away. By Online ticket office, Ovibeja ticket tickets can be purchased anywhere with internet access. To do so, simply access one of the available points of sale, including the Ovibeja website. The daily ticket gives access to all the day's initiatives.

With its doors open between the 27th of April and the 1st of May, the 34th Ovibeja asserts itself through its plurality, in a space of celebration, sharing and business where everyone feels an integral part.

This edition bets, according to the organization, on the «internationalization of excellent agri-food products, while promoting traditional handicraft and Alentejo cante as the identity of a land that is fertile in creating added value for the region and for the country".

The organization of the event is the responsibility of ACOS – Southern Farmers Association.


APRIL 27 | Black ear + Dj Senõr Pelota (Frenzy)
APRIL 28 | Sangre Ibérico + Miguel Ângelo + Meninos da Vadiagem (Live Act)
APRIL 29 | Act + DJ Christian F
APRIL 30 | Anselmo Ralph + DJ CyberX