Scianema brings marine world to Faro

The short film How to end overfishing in the European Union, to be shown at the Green Amphitheater of the Campus of Gambelas of the University of […]

The short film How to end overfishing in the European Union, to be shown at the Green Amphitheater of the Gambelas Campus of the University of Algarve (UAlg), on February 16, at 16:30 pm, or the national premiere of the documentary Sonic sea, which talks about noise pollution in the oceans, on the 17th, at 21 pm, at the Sociedade Recreativa e Artística Farense – Os Artistas, are some of the festival's proposals Scianema which takes place from the 16th to the 18th of February, in Faro.

The exhibition aims to «facilitate scientific communication about the marine world, promoting an open discussion» both for researchers, students, filmmakers and those interested in films. To this end, in addition to the screenings of the films, there will always be a «discussion panel with experts», explains the organization.

In the short film on the 16th, the program includes a lecture by Gonçalo Carvalho, president of Sciaena, on the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy.

As for films, others to be shown will be, for example, The Nacre Button, by Patricio Guzman, on the 16th, from 21:30 pm to 23:30 pm, in Os Artistas. This will be the first time that this film, which tells the story of two buttons found in the waters of Chile, is shown in the Algarve. Names for the debate are not yet defined.

already the movie Fish: Cultivation in Turbulent Waters, which will answer questions like “where does fish come from for daily sushi? How is it fed? In which waters do you live?”, is shown on the 17th, from 16:30 pm to 18:30 pm, at the Red Amphitheater of the Gambelas Campus.

The exhibition will be followed by a debate with Maria Teresa Dinis, professor at UAlg, Jorge Dias, from Sparos, and Fernando Gonçalves, from the Portuguese Association of Aquaculturists.

Oil – and its hypothetical exploitation in Algarve lands – is a topic that will not go unnoticed in this Scianema. The documentary is scheduled to be screened on Saturday, February 18th Lube Job: How Louisiana Got Screwed, which will have a partnership with the Algarve Livre de Petróleo Platform (PALP). The Artists are once again the space that will host the viewing of this film, scheduled for 21 pm, and there are no names for the debate yet.

"Given the importance of environmental awareness, not only for adults, but also for younger people", this edition of the festival Scianem  will also include an activity at the João de Deus Secondary School, in Faro, on the 17th, which will consist of the screening of a selection of short films on various marine conservation issues, followed by an open discussion with students.

Admission to all events is free and the films are always either subtitled or dubbed. O Sul Informação é media partner of the festival Scianema, which is organized by the Sciaena Association, and has as other partners the University of the Algarve, the Centro de Ciências do Mar (CCMAR), the Cineclube de Faro, the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), the PALP and the Erasmus Social Network (ESN).


Watch the movie trailer Lube Job: How Louisiana Got Screwed: