Reflect returns four years later and says “I look good”!

Algarvian rapper Pedro Pinto launched a new theme on Friday, after having scared his fans when he put a […]

O rapper Algarvian Pedro Pinto launched a new theme on Friday, after having frightened his fans when he posted a statement on his Facebook page, stating that he had decided to “sleep” Reflect, indicating a timeless “see you soon”. After all, it was a maneuver to stir up the hosts and, two days later, a return was announced for the 17th of February.

"My goal was to shake things up a little, not to deceive people, but to make them feel, in some way, the lack that Reflect could make if I stopped making music with my reflection in the artistic world." says Pedro Pinto, the man behind the musician, when Musical|Sul Informação.

The reality is that Reflect has really been dormant since 2013, when its homonymous album came out. During this time, the musician did not stop, he was involved in many projects, but always as one of the elements, now he thought it was time to reaffirm himself, once again, as The Project.

"In this single, I was just me again, with the help of the people who collaborated with me, obviously, but it's Reflect, continuing the other albums».

When he started this adventure, Pedro Pinto, now 30, was just 17 years old and, as a student, he found more time to close himself in the studio, writing and recording. “The creative process was simple, I listened to someone's instrumental, wrote and recorded it and that usually happened in a night, at dawn. Lately, I really missed going back to that more direct, simpler way of creating something».

With “Eu I'm Well”, he finally managed to recreate the process that gave rise to “1º Acto” (2008) and “Reflect” (2013). The ideas were there, he says, the instrumentals he got from Dezman, a companion since the early days of his publishing house Kimahera's creation. «As soon as I heard them, I felt I had what I needed to get the first message across: Hi, I'm back, count on me!».


The four-year break, like Reflect, did not make the followers disappear, who may possibly have been a little more asleep waiting for something new, but during that time a new “front” emerged.

The projects that he embraced revealed more the “Pedro” side than the side of his musical alter-ego. Those who followed or got to know the man behind the artist, with the edition of the book “De mim para mim” or its musical materialization in “Gata”, might even be unaware of the more “reflexive” aspect.

But now, there is the intention (and the will) to bring the two existences together. «What I wanted to do was to bring these two realities together in 5 minutes of a song. It's not a small song, but it's a song that tells a story and has precisely to do with what they knew about Pedro, for the worst reasons, but for the best reasons, afterwards. And with the continuity of what is my brand, like Reflect. It's the best symbiosis I could make between these two worlds» .

“I'm well” is a theme where Pedro Pinto exposes a little of his path over these four years.

They took me to light and I don't see anything
Where is Pedro? I didn't even know"
(…) “Alone, silent, faded and lackluster
I have screams in me, but I don't want to let them out anymore,
I have dreams in me but I don't want to sing them anymore

These are some of the many words that fill the 5 minutes, hardly radiophonic, it's true, of the new theme, but very autobiographical and that probably close a cycle and start another, a version 3.0, as it is nicknamed in the “name of war” given internally at the publisher.

Pedro Pinto assumes that the intention was to create music that would take people on a journey. «It's not the prettiest thing to do, but what remains, when the trip comes to an end, I believe it's very beautiful and it's the message I want to convey. Regardless of what happens in our lives, it's worth making the crossings we have to make, because we don't know what's next, and that uncertainty, which is always worth it, to take that step forward”

Open the door and see.
Don't be afraid of the unknown.
Embrace what life has offered you.
Embrace the second chance life has given you.

The perception of how, nowadays, music is consumed has changed the way musicians face their work and, above all, the way they will make their music available.

If, a few years ago, when an artist released an album, he managed to keep it as a novelty for some time, with the emergence of social networks, reality changed. «For those who take hours, weeks, months or even years to create a project, seeing it disappeared in the feed of a social network, in a day or two, is very sad», he says.

Being a reality of the times and something impossible to contradict, Pedro Pinto admits that it is necessary to find ways to break immediate consumption and is determined to try his own recipe.


«I believe that the way to stick is to create something that has its own identity and that can leave marks on people, that makes them not forget what they heard and want to go back there, to listen again. What I always wanted to do with my music was to create something that created an impact, that was not indifferent, that there was a reason why people preferred to listen to Reflect at a certain point in their lives».

This is the path that he indicates and that he assumes to practice throughout this year: dedicate himself song to song, instead of spending weeks working on an album and, not spacing out the releases, giving time and more attention to each song. This, he stresses, “forces me to be more perfectionist, theme by theme”.

Disgusted to see and hear what you are doing, in your Hip-Hop, these days, extends the reflection of change to the content of the message, something that he says is at the root of his dedication to the cause. “It is necessary that music also reach people's hearts, in addition to making them dance, making them smile. That there is something that I, as an artist, have to give someone. That there is some learning. I'm from a generation that grew up absorbing that of someone who's been doing it for longer than me and that's what I try to convey to those who accompany me and who may discover me with this music».

In the words of its author, “I'm fine” is a song “that goes through various moods”, and, therefore, it is to listen more than once, “at least once from phones with attention”, because it has details that will not be noticeable on a first audition or even viewing, since they were extended to the video.

«They'll discover things I left there and it wasn't by chance. In Reflect, there are always things to discover».


Listen (and see) here the new song “Eu I'm Well”:


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