ATP shows Portimão's nautical offer at Düsseldorf Boot

Ivo Faria, representative of the Portimão Tourism Association at Boot Düsseldorf (Germany), believes that the Algarve, as a region, should […]

Ivo Faria, representative of the Portimão Tourism Association at the Boot in Düsseldorf (Germany), believes that the Algarve, as a region, should strengthen its participation in what is the largest nautical fair in the world. As for ATP, its 'promotional goals are being achieved'.

Sul Informação – This is the fourth participation in the Düsseldorf Boot of the Portimão Tourism Association (ATP). What guided you in this participation in the 2017 nautical show?
Ivo Faria – The operation of ATP is based on technical committees that decide, according to the will of its members, to participate in fairs or promotional campaigns. Since Boot is a show linked to nautical and underwater tourism, we informed the respective companies, having joined Marina de Portimão, Portiate, Sub Nauta and Algarve Boat, which, with their effective presence, project Portimão as a specific tourist destination. In our two stands in halls 4 and 13, we also take the opportunity to promote products from other associates who are not present at the fair, using their promotional material for this purpose.

SI – Since the Algarve, and in particular Portimão, is an area with an immense nautical frontier, shouldn't more ATP companies participate in this, which is the largest nautical fair in the world?
IF – We very much hope that, in the coming years, a greater number of companies linked to nautical activities and diving can be present, as we will continue to be present at Boot. It's true that any company in the area, if it wants to promote internationally, has to be here, at this great event.

SI – We could almost say that you have to make a campaign among your members to publicize the importance of Boot Düsseldorf?
IF – Effectively, it is necessary to come here and participate, to understand the wide promotional reach of the market, particularly in the countries of Central and Northern Europe. And it should be noted that, in addition to nautical and diving, Portimão is promoted as a tourist destination in general, both in terms of direct customers and its agents and promoters. They are really products that combat tourist seasonality, as they can be made throughout the year.

SI – Would a greater promotion of the Algarve tourist region be desirable, as we see here other regions and tourist destinations in the world?
IF – The promotional reach of Boot Düsseldorf is enormous and it would be good if the Algarve, as a region, could also have an official participation, with a strong and clear presence. If we think about the enormity of nautical, underwater and natural destinations that exist in the Algarve, we feel, being here, that they are very little represented, not properly disclosing this nautical potential.

SI – Is the ATP presence achieving the proposed objectives?
IF – The promotional objectives that ATP brings to this fair are being achieved and accompany the growth of tourist demand in our country. Portugal is in fashion and we have to make an effort to integrate this high tourist demand. But the activities related to nautical and sea in the Algarve must be more valued and promoted, as well as the encouragement of tourist proposals of quality and sustainability.


Interview: Alberto Machado, GEO – Ocean Studies Group
Photos: Yannick Kethers, GEO