Musician Pedro Pinto “Reflect” about his career at Teatro da Figuras

Pedro Pinto, also known as Reflect, is the next guest of the “No Teatro à 6” initiative, by the Municipal Theater of […]

Reflect (2016)Pedro Pinto, also known as Reflect, is the next guest of the “No Teatro à 6” initiative, by Teatro Municipal de Faro, scheduled for this Thursday, November 17, at 18:00. This project intends to hear the opinions and experiences of professionals in the world of entertainment.

The young musician, producer and founder of Kimahera sees, in this invitation, an acknowledgment of his 13 years of work, which forced him to look at what he has been doing in music from another perspective.

In an interview with Sul Informação, Pedro Pinto considers «it will be very enriching to be able to share with people who want to join the conversation what I have been doing, in music, such as Reflect, from the Algarve».

This challenge invites another form of communion with the public, a different look from the guests on the work itself and a selection that, for Pedro Pinto, helped him «to understand, throughout the process, what the most remarkable events are. » and what you don't want «not to say and share with anyone who wants to be part of this afternoon».

There are already so many stories to tell that your choice is not easy (and will not be revealed here), but it is possible to say that the musician will use the physical editions as a conductor for this Thursday's conversation, «what I can have in hand to show people».

The initiative of the Municipal Theater of Faro, which has already featured the actor João e Brito or the playwright Luis Campião, invites the show's professionals to share their stories and experiences, but as a gathering, the audience is encouraged to be an active part.

This is a component that doesn't scare Pedro Pinto, on the contrary: «the most interesting thing is to have someone in front of us who is curious about some aspect of our life, in this case artistic. Someone who can challenge me to go get something that, perhaps, I would not say otherwise and that, with this invitation to share, an interesting exchange of information and experiences can arise».

The purpose of Reflect, for this evening, is to reveal “things about me that those who know me still don't, and that those who don't know me can understand why Teatro das Figuras thought I would be a more- was valid for this initiative'.