Musicália: Noiserv set the machine to zero and goes to Santo Estêvão to show new work

Noiserv, the alter ego for David Santos, is back at the Casa do Povo of Santo Estevão, in the municipality of […]

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Noiserv, the alter ego for David Santos, is back at the Casa do Povo of Santo Estevão, in the municipality of Tavira, for another concert of the cycle Autumnalities. The show is scheduled for today, Saturday, at 22:00, and Noiserv promises to "show some new songs" from his new work "00:00:00:00", but will "join them with some old ones".

Three years later, David Santos put aside the thousand and one instruments that accompanied him and, with the new work, brings us the soundtrack of a film yet to be made - since the time code of a new film always starts at 00 :00:00:00.

"This would be the most direct or simplest reading of the title, from there on there is a whole series of readings that can be done, precisely from this idea that zero can be the beginning of something", explains David Santos to Sul Informação.

“It could be a start because these songs are a little different from the previous ones, because anything can change when you're listening to them,” he adds.

CoverIn this, which is already the third long duration of the Lisbon musician, the reduction in the number of sound contributions is noticeable. The multi-instrumentalist David Santos, based the new record on a piano composition, which gives the idea of ​​a work that also starts from scratch. “It's almost as if it started from the beginning. Not from the beginning because I think that, not the theme, but what the music conveys to me emotionally, ends up not running away from the others, but it was a different challenge, to just pick one instrument and not the 50 or 60 that some songs had." explains.

Chance sometimes takes on a dimension that would not be expected. A basketball game in wintry weather results in a stop to recover from a broken foot. It could be a rest or a recovery from episodes of lost series, but the creative mind and the piano at hand dictated the path of creation: «I had a free time that I hadn't had for a long time. In my case, I didn't know at first what the record was going to be, but it's true that those twenty, twenty or so days helped me to realize that a piano record was something I liked and that it would make sense . So, from something less good, I think I made some decisions for the future», says David Santos.

We don't know if composition in Portuguese is one of his resolutions (he had already ventured into the film José e Pilar with stage of time), but “00:00:00:00”, being mostly instrumental, has, curiously, three themes in the Portuguese language. Not having been a preconceived idea, David Santos says that he let himself be carried away by the musicality of Camões' language, which would naturally overlap with the melody of the piano. «Suddenly the space left by the piano for a voice to enter, it seemed that it was better filled with a voice in Portuguese than a voice in English. Maybe because the voice in English seems a little more hammered and, in Portuguese, it manages to be more melodious, I don't know». If music is also sensation, the musician's sensibility dictated the path «song after song, draft after draft, I started to realize that on this record, the songs that were sung would have to be in Portuguese», explains the artist.

The change of composition from English to Portuguese is, for many musicians, an enormous challenge, reflected in a need for greater attention to words. David Santos considers that "it clearly seems that you are talking more directly to people because it is in Portuguese, not because they don't understand English, but it seems that there is something internal, which seems to be singing more in people's ears". It turned out not to be an added concern for the musician who reveals that he «already had it on the other album», referring to AVO – Almost Visible Orchestra, from 2013.

Looking at the last two works, the deconstruction of the graphic complexity stands out, if AVO brought a graphic representation of the musician in a puzzle to be constructed by the listener, “00:00:00:00” marks the simplicity of a CD that looks more like copied and recorded by a friend.

Noiserv«I soon realized that, if the film doesn't exist, how is there going to be a physical support that supposedly is as if it didn't exist? And the best thing that exists, if it doesn't exist, will be transparency, which is something that is there, but that you can see through it», considers David Santos.

Established the basis for the graphics – absence of image and color – so that it would not condition «this film that could one day appear», there was the challenge of understanding how transparency could let pass the lyrics and credits that those who participated at work. «Although it seems that, perhaps, this one is simpler, the way to do it can be even more complex or more difficult to arrive at a result that would satisfy me», reveals the artist.

The first video released, at the end of August, for the song “Sete”, is the demonstration of how a melody has the capacity to bring to life the countless details of an inert model. «The music that was the soundtrack of any life, could be the soundtrack of the life of those characters, those little dolls», he explains.

Already video from the second single, “Vinte e Três”, brings us the profound simplicity (or not) of David Santos' eye.

The sound present in this latest work is also a reflection of what Noiserv has been doing for the past three years. The musician has been involved in the composition of plays, cinema and dance. He also signed a contract with the French publisher “naive“, with the release of the last two works in Europe, which has already earned him around thirty concerts, in France and Germany, in a balance that he considers positive, and with a return scheduled for mid-November. “All concerts have generated other concerts and a network of people. I feel that, from one concert to another, it's not that they are the same people, but there are people who have already heard, in a country that is not mine», explains Noiserv.

“00:00:00:00” was released on the 28th of October and has an official presentation at Teatro S. Luís, in Lisbon. However, this Saturday, whoever goes to the Casa do Povo of Santo Estêvão will have the opportunity to hear a concert that will be different from what has already been presented in the same room "because there are new songs to present". But, says David Santos, «although the record is different, the person is the same» and concludes, as an invitation, that «there is a transversal line to all the songs and the concert will be that: show some of these new songs, together them with old ones, and hope that it makes sense to people, as it does to me».


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