Napoleão Mira & Reflect present “12 Talked Songs and 1 Desperate Poem” in Lagoa

The album “12 Canções Faladas and 1 Poema Desesperado”, by Napoleão Mira & Reflect, will be presented in a show at […]

Napoleon MiraThe album “12 Canções Faladas e 1 Poema Desesperado”, by Napoleão Mira & Reflect, will be presented in a show on the 5th of October, at 21 pm, at the Auditório Municipal de Lagoa.

Napoleão Mira was born in Entradas, Castro Verde, in 1956, but has lived in the municipality of Lagoa since 1983.

In music, he created “Pratica(mente)” and “Slides – Retratos da Cidade Branca” for the acclaimed album “Pratica(mente)” by Sam The Kid, his son, with whom he created and performed for the first “Festival Silêncio”. show “Palavras Nossas”.

He participated with the theme “Subúrbio” on the album “Eu e os Meus” by Dino & The Soulmotion. In 2010 he released the book “Ao Sul” – a compilation of his best chronicles.

In 2012, he participated in the record works “Mixtape lI”, by the renowned band Orelha Negra, and “Em Nosso Nome” by Sir Scratch.

In the same year, it launched his first novel with the title “Fado”. In 2014, he edited the chronicle book “De Coração D'lnteriores”. In 2016, he released the album “12 Canções Faladas and 1 Poema Desesperado”.

Pedro Pinto is Reflect for music, founder of the Algarve label Kimahera. Her path closely linked to this art since 2003 is told through the albums “Último acto” (2008), “Reflect” (2013) and “Gata.” (2015).

The latter is born from the posthumous book “From me to me” with texts by Carolina Tendon, edited by himself in June 2014, which traveled the country from north to south for a year, until culminating in the dance show “[ ] in the movement • ”, presented at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão.

Napoleão Mira's passion for the spoken word, for spoken songs – as he likes to call them – gains another boost after joining Reflect, in other words, with Pedro Pinto. Thus, new themes and other musical clothes were born for his timeless poems.

From this symbiosis, the performance of spoken word: “12 Canções Faladas and 1 Poema Desesperado”, which he now presents in Lagoa, with guest artists Moços da Aldêa, Ruben Ramos and Tiago Ramos.

Tickets for the show at the Auditório Municipal de Lagoa cost 6 euros and are on sale at the Convento de S. José or at Ticketline.