UAlg graduates in Agronomy and Horticulture have guaranteed professional internships

Graduates in Agronomy and Masters in Horticultural and Vegetables from the University of Algarve will be assured of professional internships at the company Hubel […]

hubelGraduates in Agronomy and Masters in Horticulture at the University of Algarve will have professional internships assured at the Hubel Verde company. This measure comes within the scope of a partnership agreement established between the Faculty of Science and Technology at UAlg and the agricultural company, which was unveiled today.

According to the University of Algarve, the agreement is part of a policy "connecting to companies, with special emphasis on those based in the Algarve" and this "provides an additional guarantee to those young people who are particularly concerned about choosing a course that facilitates their entry into the labor market”.

The Algarve academy considers that «the development of agriculture in recent years, with a growing incorporation of knowledge and technology, ensures professional opportunities for young people with higher education in the field of Agronomy».