Brazilian rides along the Ecovia do Litoral do Algarve to create a travel guide

The bicycle has always been present in the life of Brazilian Naiara Back, both to replace the car on her way to work, […]

naiara backThe bicycle has always been present in the life of Brazilian Naiara Back, both to replace her car on her way to work, or to ride with friends or alone. But it was while living in the Portuguese city of Braga that the bicycle became more than a means of transport and leisure. With her, Naiara realized that she can go further, such as traveling around Portugal…and why not around the world?

In April of this year, Naiara created the blog “those who travel” and from it came the project “Those who travel by bicycle”, whose mission is to inspire people to travel by bicycle.

“This project arose from my constant desire to cycle through Portugal, the good mobility conditions for cyclists and also the lack of publicity for tracks in the country”, explains Naiara.

Naiara's first trip was from Braga to Santiago de Compostela, on which she cycled 200 kilometers for two and a half days, and now she counts the days to ride the 214 kilometers of the Ecovia do Litoral do Algarve, the longest in the country, and still do the necessary detours to get to know the Algarve's villages, trails and mountains.

“The Algarve is one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays in Portugal and the reason is due to the beautiful beaches that have all shades of blue”, he explains. “But the Algarve goes beyond that and it is through this trip that I intend to show the world the different experiences, in addition to the beach, that can be found in this Portuguese destination”, says Naiara.

The trip along the Ecovia do Litoral do Algarve starts this Sunday, the 18th of September, at Cabo de São Vicente, and runs until the 28th, with Vila Real de Santo António as the last stop.

Naiara back by bicycleThe 10 days of cycling will be broadcast live on social networks Snapchat, Instagram e Facebook.

This experience will be reported in several articles on the blog and will even extend to an Online Guide format. This will be the first bicycle travel guide for Algarve Coastal Ecovia in Portuguese. All this to inspire more and more people to travel by bicycle in the Algarve.

“Riding is a unique experience, as well as staying in genuine places, experiencing the typical cuisine and learning about the local culture through workshops”, adds Naiara.

The project “Those who travel by bicycle” is sponsored by Go By Bike and the trip along the Ecovia do Litoral do Algarve has the support of Loulé Criativo, six hosting services and even private companies that will offer incredible experiences to show how diverse is the Algarve.