Assunção Cristas na Fatacil does not comment on Hélder Amaral's praise of the MPLA

The CDS-PP is a "party that fights and works for freedom and party pluralism", so "all […]

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Assunção Cristas, president of the CDS-PP, was received at Fatacil by the president of the Chamber Francisco Martins

The CDS-PP is a "party that strives and works for party freedom and pluralism", so "all declarations must be read in this light". The words are from Assunção Cristas, president of the CDS-PP, in response to journalists who wanted to know if the centrist leader subscribes to the statements made by deputy Hélder Amaral about the MPLA.

Assunção Cristas, who last night visited Fatacil, in Lagoa, accompanied by José Pedro Caçorino, president of the Algarve centrists and other regional and national leaders, declined to comment on the statements by Hélder Amaral, who on Wednesday, in Luanda, said the CDS-PP is much closer to the MPLA, with which it now has “many more points in common”.

Ribeiro e Castro, former president of the CDS, did not like to see Hélder Amaral, leader and centrist deputy, praising José Eduardo dos Santos' MPLA. In a publication on his Facebook page, Ribeiro e Castro says that “having seen the CDS-PP deputy on the TV newscast of RTP1, after having been sitting next to Paulo Portas in the audience of the MPLA Congress, he told journalist Paulo Catarro that he had really liked José Eduardo dos Santos, whose speech could well be – he assured – a speech by Paulo Portas at a Congress of the CDS».

Ironically, Ribeiro e Castro suggests that “this CDS Congress will perhaps also count on the presence of delegations from the Communist Party of Cuba, the North Korean Labor Party, the Communist Party of Vietnam, FRELIMO, the Polisario Front and the Communist Party of China – all foreign delegations whose presence in Luanda is highlighted by the influential “Jornal de Angola” alongside that of the CDS-PP. Fraternal fraternization will certainly open new co-religion relations».

And he concludes, sarcastically: "had it not been for his well-known aversion to travel, we could even count as assured the presence of Kim Jong-un, leading the North Korean Labor Party delegation."

But Assunção Cristas, never referring to Hélder Amaral's statements or criticisms, said only that his party will continue to maintain contact "with all other parties in Angola and certainly also with this party [MPLA]."

"What is at stake is the deepening of relations between countries", in favor of "companies that export to Angola and the Portuguese who live" in that country, added the leader of the centrists, during her visit to Fatacil, defending the need for " an institutional relationship, namely in countries where there is such a strong Portuguese presence».