Tavira celebrates the arrival of summer with the humor and animation of the «Street Scenes» festival

With the arrival of summer, there are again «Street Scenes» in Tavira. The International Festival of Theater and Arts […]

Scenes_street_operativi_2016With the arrival of summer, there are again «Street Scenes» in Tavira. The International Festival of Theater and Arts in the Street starts this Friday and will feature renowned Portuguese and international artists, who will animate different spaces in the city's historic center until the 14th of July with shows scheduled daily for 22:00. The party ends on the 20th and 21st of July, with the exhibition of a play inspired by Shakespeare's work.

The Festival, which is inserted in the animation program «Summer in Tavira», starts tonight with the show «Operativi!», by the Compagnia Ifratellicaproni of the Associazone Eccentrici Dadaró (Italy), in Praça da República. The same play returns to the scene tomorrow, Saturday, in the same location.

“There's a German, an American and an Italian… it seems like the beginning of an anecdote, but this is a story with a very real background. Three clown soldiers, veterans of every war in recent history, arrive in their military jeep to erect a ruined monument and remind us of the usual stupidity of the human species. A visual comedy for all audiences», described the Câmara de Tavira.

The party continues on Sunday with the appearance of the Jean Philippe Kikolas Company on stage at Praça da República, from Spain, which will present the play «Sin remite». This will be «a show of circus theater and gestural humour», where the protagonist will convey the message «through techniques such as gestural theatre, slapstick comedy or different visual jokes».

On Monday, 4th of July, at the same location, «Enfila SA», by Companhia Estampades, also from Spain, goes to the scene. In this case, it is a circus show inspired by the history of the Catalan textile factories, centered on two female protagonists.

The next day, the animation is again in charge of a Spanish company, but this time the piece's inspiration is Belgian. The show «Manekken's Piss», by CQP Productions, is «a comic and multidisciplinary artistic installation inspired by the Manneken Pis fountain in Brussels».

The animation of «Cenas de Rua» will continue in Praça da República for another day, with the stage hosting the play «Entredos», by Companhia Capicua (Spain) on Wednesday. Circus, dance, theater and object manipulation are some of the arts that will cross paths.

Kumpania ShoutOn the 7th of July, space will be given to a Portuguese musical formation, the Kumpania Algazarra, who will perform at Jardim do Coreto. On the 8th, the same venue hosts the show «PaGAGnini», by the Yallana, which will bring together music and theater.

On the 9th of July, the Algarve company «Ao Luar Teatro» presents its play «Varandas da Memória», in which the Islamic heritage of the Algarve is remembered, in the square in front of the Palácio da Galeria. This is followed by the performance of comedian Aldo Lima, one of the pioneers of stand-up comedy in Portugal, who will be at Praça da República on the 10th.

The 11th of July is the day of «Queixa-te», a show by the Teatro e Puppets de Mandrágora «freely inspired by the work “The great Don Quixote de La Mancha eo fat Sancho Panza” by António José da Silva».

On the following day, July 12, there is more theater in Portuguese, which will be brought by Teatro o Bando. In the play "Em Nome da Terra" by Vergílio Ferreira, staged by Miguel Jesus, "the actors struggle with the difficulty of balance in the face of the inexorability of time, galloping over bodies covered in a vile emotional nudity: old age", according to the Chamber of Tavira.

On the 13th of July, there are two shows scheduled for the Stage at Praça da República. In «Lullaby» (Cão à Chuva with Rui Paixão), will be provided «an interactive performance, fun and with lots of humor and dynamics that opens space for the improvised game between a clown and the audience».

The show «Curva Ascendente», which can be seen on the 13th and 14th of July, is an event that brings together performance, artistic installation and gastronomy, conceived by Tânia Dinis and staged by Armação do Artista.

After this show, the Festival «Street Scenes» takes a break and only returns on 20 and 21 July, days when the play «Micro-Shakespear» by Laitrum Teatre (Portugal/Spain) will approach with humor (and speed) the vast literary spoils left by what is considered the greatest dramatist of all time. The shows will take place at Praça da República, at 21 pm.