Mediterranean Diet Route launches a passport to discover the best that is done in the South

The second phase of the communication campaign promoted by the Mediterranean Diet Route, with the motto “Where is it?… The best […]

Mediterranean Diet RouteThe second phase of the communication campaign promoted by the Mediterranean Diet Route, with the motto “Where is it?… The best of the Mediterranean”, starts this Monday, 4th of July, with the launch of the Passport, in digital and paper format.

According to the promoters of the Mediterranean Diet Route, with the passport, «another important step is taken in the affirmation of Mediterranean Culture as a strong reason for differentiation in the territory where this lifestyle, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, can be enjoyed in all its dimensions, especially at the time low".

As of today, by presenting the passport at participating establishments and locations, holders will benefit, until the end of the year, from personalized service and benefits created especially for them.

QRcodes forward to the website, where the programs of the latest activities, the new participating establishments are made available and where the quality of the experiences carried out can be evaluated.

Both the passport, like the map released in late May, show where are the places where genuine Mediterranean Gastronomy can be tasted, in the Algarve style, the best quality local products, fresh and processed, respecting the rhythms of nature, the Artisans who reinvent materials and arts from the past with the style of the present , the Cultural Heritage sites where you can discover the secrets and mysteries of the past.

They also make known the activities and events that celebrate the conviviality and small pleasures of Mediterranean life, the Guides that help to interpret and live unique, responsible experiences in special places and striking landscapes, as well as the people and communities that continue to live following a logic of sustainability, deep knowledge of nature and celebrating Mediterranean culture, family and community life, around healthy eating.

The Mediterranean Diet Route is a network of companies and entities united by the economic and cultural appreciation of the Mediterranean Diet, which proudly and determinedly assumes the mission of organizing and providing all interested parties with the best sensory and emotional experiences, so that they can know and enjoy in depth this ancient lifestyle.

The association In Loco, the main promoter of RDM, continues, however, to hold sessions in various parts of the Algarve, to publicize the network and capture the interest of new members, both private and public.


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