The arrest of a CP station robber leads to the seizure of drugs and weapons

A 36-year-old man suspected of having robbed the train stations in Loulé, Tavira and Ferreiras was arrested […]

Loulé - Seizure (1)A 36-year-old man suspected of having robbed the Loulé, Tavira and Ferreiras train stations was arrested yesterday by the Loulé GNR in Estoi. In the police operation, which involved a house search, the guard also seized weapons and drugs.

According to the GNR in a statement, the arrest was made in the context of an inquiry carried out by the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Loulé, which was investigating the three thefts from CP stations that took place all this year.

The detainee, according to the Sul Informação, has a history of committing violent crimes and has already served a prison sentence.

In the searches, the GNR seized 1 doses of hash, 082 doses of cannabis, two pistols converted to 20mm caliber, two revolvers in the process of being transformed, a compressed air rifle with a telescopic sight, tools for alteration/transformation of weapons, 9 ammunition several calibers, three cell phones, a laptop, a counterfeit and a car.

The operation had the support of military personnel from the Intervention Detachment of Faro and the SEPNA Team of the Territorial Detachment of Faro.