Algarve already has a strategy to minimize the effects of Brexit on tourism

Algarve Tourism will intensify the promotion of the region in the UK market and bet on bilateral relations […]

Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European UnionAlgarve Tourism will intensify the promotion of the region in the UK market and bet on bilateral relations with the British community that lives in the region, to try to contain the potential negative effects of Brexit in the region.

About two weeks after the majority of British voters decided to leave the European Union, in the referendum that was held, the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA) met with the main players in the sector and with the Algarve Chambers to assemble a regional strategy in relation to what is the main source market for tourists to Portugal.

In addition to strengthening the commitment to promoting the Algarve and bringing the British community closer to the Algarve, the need was identified to seek «the diversification of outbound markets, in order to improve the complementarity of demand in the region».

Despite the vast majority of economic agents in the Algarve, heard by Sul Informação the day after the UK referendum, do not believe that Brexit can affect the flow of British tourists to the region, the importance of this market for the Algarve advises a reaction in advance.

«The United Kingdom is the main tourist market in Portugal, representing 8,3 million overnight stays in classified accommodation, and the Algarve is the main destination for British tourists in the country, recording about 70 percent of these overnights, so it is important to maintain the destination's confidence in the ability of its agents to continue to win the preference of British tourists», illustrated the RTA.

Another central issue is the devaluation of the pound, one of the immediate effects of the decision of the British to leave the EU, which could affect the volume of revenue generated by UK tourists in the region, which amount to «1500 million euros».

The meeting was attended by RTA, the Algarve Intermunicipal Community (AMAL), the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA), the Algarve Hotel and Similar Industry Association (AIHSA), the Algarve Hotels and Touristic Enterprises Association (AHETA), the Hospitality Association, Portuguese Restaurants and Similar (AHRESP), Association of Driverless Car Hire Industries (ARAC), Algarve Tourist Entertainment Companies Association (Algarve Anima), International Airport of Faro, Business Association of the Algarve Region (NERA), Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the Algarve (CEAL) and Association of Professionals and Real Estate Mediation Companies of Portugal (APEMIP).