Spanish sailboat saves from sinking with the help of Olhão lifeguard

The Spanish-flagged 'Sieta Ala' sailboat, which was adrift about half a nautical mile south of the bar […]

Sailboat_Sieta_WingThe Spanish-flagged 'Sieta Ala', which was adrift about half a nautical mile south of the Olhão bar, as well as its two crew members, were rescued this morning by the SR-33 from the lifeboat station in Olhão.

“The quick intervention of the lifeboat made it possible to avoid an accident, as the wind and sea conditions at the site were altering and the sailboat was collapsing towards the coast”, stresses the Navy, in a statement.

​The «safeguarding of human life at sea» operation was coordinated by the Lisbon Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC Lisbon), in conjunction with the Captaincy of the Port of Olhão.

The request for help was received at MRCC Lisboa at 7:40 am, on VHF channel 16, made by the sailboat “Sieta Ala”, which reported that it was adrift very close to the coast and needed help.

Immediately, the lifeboat SR-33 was sent to the site, to help the sailboat out of the danger zone and tow it to the port of Olhão.

Sailboat Sieta Ala2