And it's really Brexit…

British voters have decided that the UK will leave the European Union, after “Brexit” has won 51,9% […]

brexit-1462470592ZSABritish voters have decided that the UK will exit the European Union after “Brexit” won 51,9% of the vote in Thursday's referendum, according to the final results.

However, this morning, following these results, Prime Minister David Cameron has just announced his resignation.

Supporters of the UK's exit from the European bloc had 17,41 million votes, according to the data released on the BBC portal, after having completed the tabulation in all 382 constituencies.

The supporters of the United Kingdom's permanence in the European Union, on the other hand, obtained 16,14 million votes. In other words, there were more than 1 million votes in favor of “Leave”.

Interestingly, the UK exit from the European Union won in England and Wales and lost in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

According to data published on the portal of the newspaper The Telegraph, the United Kingdom itself was divided: the 'brexit' won in England (53,2%) and Wales (51,7%), while in Scotland (62 %) and in Northern Ireland (55,7%) the majority voted in favor of remaining in the bloc.

The participation rate in the referendum was 72,2%.

With this result, the economic and financial consequences are already taking place, with the markets reacting hotly. The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil dropped 6,5% today and was below $47,50 a barrel at midday in Singapore. As for the international stock exchanges, Tokyo's closed down 7,92%, Hong Kong's today dropped more than 5%, launching panic in Asian markets.

A The choice of the exit is causing great concern among politicians and businessmen in the Algarve, taking into account that the British tourist market continues to represent more than half of all tourists who choose the Algarve and the fall of the pound, which has already started to take place, could bring fewer Englishmen to the region.