Pelcor will arrive in Los Angeles and will have eleven stores in China by 2017

The Algarve company Pelcor wants to have a store in Los Angeles in 2017 and, after having opened a first […]

china skinThe Algarve company Pelcor wants to have a store in Los Angeles in 2017 and, after opening its first store in Shanghai last month, ten new commercial spaces for the brand will be created in China, until next year.

The founder and CEO of the company Sandra Correia revealed to the Sul Informação that “we plan to open a new Pelcor store in Los Angeles, California, in 2017” and that “eleven stores between 2016 and 2017” will be created in China, the first of which opened on April 29, in Shanghai.

The bet on the United States market, which has given good results to the company based in São Brás de Alportel, is to continue, and after, at the end of last year, it opened a store in the Soho area, in New York, the Pelcor will now reach the west coast.

sandra belt
Sandra Correia

«We want to cement the brand not only in our own stores, but in other stores that may have our product and we are also going to launch new lines within Pelcor, especially aimed at the American market. This is our preferred market, because Pelcor already has a tradition and a culture, and it makes perfect sense to grow for the United States,” added Sandra Correia.

Despite the preference for the United States, Pelcor is also reaching China. “This means that the new markets are located, not in Europe, but in North America and Asia. These new countries are the future of the economy not only of Portugal, but of Europe», considers the founder of Pelcor.

These markets give, according to the businesswoman, «due importance to the raw material that is cork – because they don't have it – and to its qualities and application. They like to use Pelcor as a fashion product, a stylized product, but also because it contributes to an environment because it is an eco-friendly product, which also contributes to the prevention of global warming», he concludes.