Map reveals where the best of the Mediterranean is (and it's in the Algarve)

From now on, it will be easier to “find” the heritage, products, activities, handicrafts and restaurants that have […]

where is mediterranean dietFrom now on, it will be easier to “find” the heritage, products, activities, handicrafts and restaurants that have the Mediterranean Diet as a common denominator. The Mediterranean Diet Route now has a map that was released yesterday afternoon at the headquarters of the Algarve Tourism Region, in Faro, and that, until the 3rd of July, it will offer discounts on entrances to monuments, exclusive menus in restaurants and other benefits to its holders.

From one end of the Algarve to the other (and also the Alentejo), there are 125 members joining this route, including restaurants, monuments, shops, outdoor activities, wineries, distilleries…

If, until the 3rd of July, it is the map that guides those interested in discovering the Mediterranean Diet, then it will be a passport, which is still being developed and which has different advantages.

«The map is a quick version, which brings together a set of activities to be developed during this period (until 3 July), in which, for example, the restaurants prepared specific menus». In the case of passports, “members will decide which advantages to offer to visitors”, who can include discounts or offers, as explained by Artur Gregório, from In Loco, an association that is part of the Regional Commission for the Mediterranean Diet.

This passport will have "a more in-depth description of the offer that visitors can enjoy, it is mainly intended for the low season, and will run from 3 July until the end of the year."

According to Artur Gregório, both the map and the passport “are intended to increase demand for goods and services linked to the Mediterranean Diet. The intention is to show entrepreneurs that, financially, it is advantageous for them to bet on products with a Mediterranean personality and logic».

mediterranean diet map presentationThe members of this route will work as a means of publicizing the initiative. “Each one of them works as a distribution point. In addition, the Tourism Offices will make the disclosure and, with this, we have a very good coverage", explains Artur Gregório who stresses, however, that this "is a zero version, a test version and we'll see how it goes run, let's learn, and let's build the next one based on that assessment».

This campaign, which cost 2600 euros, was «self-financed, with entrepreneurs supporting it» and was developed to «create a tool that would allow national and foreign visitors to structure and guide their discovery of the Diet Route's resources. Mediterranean'.

The first edition of this map, which will cost two euros, and which gives access to special menus and discounts, will have 2550 copies, but, according to Artur Gregório, “demand will determine supply”.

For his part, Desidério Silva, president of the Algarve Tourism Region, welcomed the initiative that he considers to have a «strategic interest for the region» and hoped that it would «pass from the context of the region and the country and to other markets, those that they are the biggest emitters of tourists».

Signing of the protocol between Elidérico Viegas and Nelson Dias
Signing of the protocol between Elidérico Viegas and Nelson Dias

Desidério Silva also stressed that the Tourism Region seeks «in all the actions it involves, to include the Mediterranean Diet in its promotion».

Anyone looking at the logo of this “Where is it? The best of the Mediterranean”, you will see, at first glance, a circle, which, in fact, represents much more than that. Pedro Águas, from the Algarve company LCPA, responsible for the design, explained that it intends to represent not only the point marked on the map, but also «the artisanal dish and the sun, since the Algarve is also characterized by a good atmosphere and good climate".

At the end of the presentation ceremony, a collaboration protocol was signed between In Loco and AHETA – Association of Hotels and Touristic Enterprises of the Algarve, based on the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet.

Elidérico Viegas, president of AHETA, said that the association "believes that the Mediterranean Diet is a competitive asset for the region and is available to collaborate" in its dissemination.


See the map of the Mediterranean Diet Route, with the adherent points and the benefits you can get: