Câmara de Lagoa signs protocol with Escola de Guarda Redes Márcio Ramos

The Câmara de Lagoa has signed a protocol with the association “Escola de Goalkeeper Márcio Ramos”, in the football modality. Second […]

Bela Vista StadiumThe Câmara de Lagoa has signed a protocol with the association “Escola de Goalkeeper Márcio Ramos”, in the football modality. According to the protocol, the municipality will give away the football field at the Municipal Stadium of Bela Vista so that the school can carry out its activities there, while at the same time publicizing its activities on the municipality's website.

For its part, the School of Goalkeeper Márcio Ramos undertakes, among other things, to publicize its projects to all the residents of the municipality of Lagoa, to present the annual program of activities and the evaluation report to the Municipality. project.

The School must also "enable the largest possible number of male and female athletes to practice sports, without limitations, ensuring that all children who wish to have access to school", as well as providing "children and young people with social and economic needs equality opportunity in the practice of a sport activity».

It should also provide free accommodation to children from the municipality indicated by the Sports and Youth Services of the Municipality of Lagoa, «providing them with the same conditions as paying children».

The aim of the School is to encourage, qualify and enhance the interest of young people in the position of goalkeeper, filling this gap in training football, providing all goalkeepers with high quality training, with a coach with great experience and professional knowledge in the area, to train young people as athletes and as human beings, with healthy principles and habits that last throughout their adult life, thus diverting their behavior from other evils that so affect our society.

Other obligations of the association are to "enable, within the limitations of sports facilities, the weekly and annual realization of a large number of training sessions", "participate in training actions promoted by the municipality" and also "to include in the information and dissemination material of the respective sporting initiatives the support and/or sponsorship of the Municipality of Lagoa».

The Lagoon City Council considers that «the local authorities have an active role in the search for solutions to encourage the practice of sports and seek the best answers to local problems». All to «create more and better conditions of access to sporting activities for the greatest number of citizens of different age groups».

In its programming of activities for the county, the municipality – along with training staff, taking advantage of and monetizing existing infrastructure, supporting the associative structure and increasing the competitive structure – has been committed to creating «conditions for sports development, with launching regular and punctual activities that involve all agents and entities linked to sport».