Traffic with alternate circulation on the Arade and Beret bridges from Monday

If you are already tired of traffic constraints along the EN125, due to the ongoing works, get ready for […]

new arade bridge under constructionIf you are tired of traffic restrictions along the EN125, due to the ongoing works, get ready for another one. From Monday 15th, alternating circulation will be implemented using light signaling in the area of ​​the bridges over the Arade and the Boina stream, between Lagoa and Portimão.

According to the concessionaire Rodovias do Algarve Litoral, this alternating circulation will last for «about a month». Furthermore, "the signaling scheme in question will remain uninterrupted during the day, night and weekends".

The concessionaire explains that this provisional circulation scheme is due to «the work of replacing the expansion joints of the contract for the Requalification of the Bridge over the River Arade and Ribeira da Boina in Portimão on the 2.1.b) EN125 Lagos-Node of the IC4, at the scope of the work “Contract for the Conception, Design, Construction and Requalification of Road Sections associated with the Algarve Litoral Sub-concession”».

Taking into account the work also in progress at the crossing of Lagoa, this new conditioning makes circulation, along the EN125, between Lagoa and Portimão even more difficult.

Possible solutions are to use the old section of this road, which passes through Estômbar and ends in the city of Portimão, via the old bridge, or Via do Infante, in the latter case having to pay toll.