Silves observes “Algarve pelo Kaleidoscope” with a presentation by Grupo Coral Silvense

The performance of the Choral Group of Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense, scheduled for February 26, at 21 pm, at the Casa do Povo in […]


The performance of the Choral Group of Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense, scheduled for February 26, at 21 pm, at Casa do Povo in Alcantarilha, Pêra and Armação de Pêra, inaugurates the Scientific Dissemination Cycle, “The Algarve by Kaleidoscope”, in Silves. Admission is free.

The initiative of the Câmara de Silves «aims at cultural decentralization and the adoption, by the parishes, of experiences that meet their curiosities, making a harmonious transition from the knowledge of local populations to scientific and/or more scholarly knowledge of the Algarve, thus countering the massification trends», explains the municipality of Silvense.

The project will also have, according to the municipality, a performance by the Orquestra Clássica do Sul, on October 14th, including concerts by other professional musicians from the region, «whose performance will reach very personal records/versions of traditional songs», such as Juan Camacho León (classical guitar), Helena Madeira (harp) and Ricardo Martins (Portuguese guitar).

The Grupos Corais Adágio (Portimão), Ideias do Levante (Lagoa), from the University of Algarve and Lagos will also perform, thus allowing musicians and audiences to “broaden aesthetic-musical horizons, exchange experiences and (re)discover others music, styles, rhythms and postures on stage».

In addition to the musical component, this cycle will feature "brief notes on the Algarve's literature, heritage and gastronomy", with the aim of "making known the traditions, life and imagination of the region, in lively moments". These “conversations” will be translated into English and participants will have the opportunity to purchase “important works of the Algarve cuisine”.

The cycle of artistic dissemination, which covers the various parishes of the municipality, ends in December.



March 11th | 21 pm – Coral Group of the University of Algarve – Society for Recreation and Instruction of S. Marcos da Serra

April 15th | 21:30 pm – Juan Camacho León – S. Bartolomeu de Messines Instruction and Recreation Society

May 13 – Ricardo Martins – Tunis Parish Council Building

June 10 – Helena Madeira – Parish Center of Pêra

30th of September – Grupo Coral Adágio – Serrano Futebol Clube – Assoc. Sport and Cultural

October 14 – Southern Classical Orchestra – Church of Alcantarilha

November 11 – Grupo Coral Ideias do Levante – Building of the Junta de União Parish of Algoz

December 9 – Grupo Coral de Lagos – Church of S. Bartolomeu de Messines