Olhão opened «one of the best skate parks in the country»

Skaters and extreme sports enthusiasts from Olhão and its surroundings won a new place to practice. The Skate Park […]

2016-000-opening-skate-park-olhao-02Skaters and extreme sports enthusiasts from Olhão and surroundings won a new place to practice. Skate Park in Olhão opened on Saturday with many activities, including a national skateboarding championship and musical concerts.

This was an old claim of skateboarders in Olhão. Still, it wasn't for lack of infrastructure that local skaters stopped practicing. The name given to the park, «Majestoso», is linked to this history, «since it pays homage to the railway line, located next to the current structure and also represented there, as it served for many years for the best skaters in the country. practice and through which they achieved great achievements in the sport».

2016-000-opening-skate-park-olhao-01The work, which opened on Saturday, cost close to 60 euros, in other words, «much less than the 400 euros that were foreseen in the initial project», as illustrated by the mayor of Olhão António Pina.

«With little money, we built a quality structure, which greatly honors us. Despite not having a large dimension, it has everything that is essential to practice the sport. It's one of the best skate parks in the country», defended the mayor from Olhano.

«Now the young skaters of the county, and beyond, have here a place to practice and it will no longer be necessary to skate in other areas of the city. This space is yours. Use it in the best way», he added.

Another wish of the municipality is to bring national competitions to Olhão. In this aspect, the sports infrastructure could not have had a more auspicious launch, since on the same day it opened it hosted the national championship, in the Under 16 and Open categories, "which allowed to bring several dozen practitioners of the sport to the Cubist city" .

One of the prizes in this competition stayed at home, as the Open aspect was won by Nuno Relógio from Oenno. In the same category, Nuno Relógio was the big winner of the Open, showing the talent conquered through many years of practice. In the same category, Pedro Roseiro, from Cascais, was ranked second, and Rúben Gamito, from Santo André, won third place. This was also the winner of the Best Trick award. In the Under16 category, the winner was William (Loulé), followed by Tomás Murta (Olhão) and Diogo Bonança (Olhão).

Later, there was music, guaranteed by Contra Current and Iris, exhibitions and other associated activities.