Searches for alleged missing in Arade will continue tomorrow

For today, the search for a man who may have been missing since the morning of this Saturday, after, […]

Searches for man allegedly missing in Rio AradeThe search for a man who may have been missing since dawn this Saturday was suspended for today, after allegedly having thrown himself into the river, following an accident at Ponte Nova do Arade, in Portimão.

The missing person will be the second occupant of a vehicle, which caught fire after hitting a truck, and will have thrown himself into the Arade at the same time as the owner of the car, who was also in the vehicle and was, in the meantime, rescued.

The only testimony that points to the existence of a second person in the car is actually that of the victim who was rescued, since none of the other people who witnessed the accident, which occurred around 5:30 am, saw a second person, only the owner, when was in the river. By the time he was retrieved from the river, the man had several burns and was drunk.

Accident Ponte Nova do Arade_Carro"Search and rescue operations are scheduled to resume tomorrow morning," the CDOS told Sul Informação.

This operation is being led by the Maritime Authority, with the support of the Firefighters of Portimão.

Diver teams were at the site.