Skate Parque de Olhão should open «in early 2016»

The new Skate Park in Olhão, a project long desired by the county's youngest population, is already […]

skate-park-olhao-works-01-pressThe new Skate Park in Olhão, a work long desired by the county's youngest population, is already being built near the industrial area and should start operating "in the beginning of next year", announced the municipality.

According to the City Council of Olhão, the works, budgeted at 64,4 euros, "have already started and are continuing at a good pace".

As soon as they are completed, the city will be equipped with «multifunctional equipment, adequate to the needs of the urban population, while ecologically and culturally reactivating the space next to the city's Industrial Zone».

«The conceptual idea was based on the influences of fishing activities present in the city of Olhão, translating its soul to Skate Park, through the shapes and obstacles and ramps designed. Along with this aesthetic concept, a typology of square was recreated, seeking an approximation to the streets and the surroundings», described the Chamber.

Despite being called Skate Parque, this equipment allows the practice of other modalities, in addition to this extreme sport. The space “was idealized for the practice of various radical activities and for different age groups, attributing different degrees of difficulty, in order to offer the park the character of initiation, preparation and improvement”.