Liberdade will pass through Tavira, at an event for the release of Luaty Beirão

Casa Álvaro de Campos, in Tavira, will host, on Saturday, November 21, at 18:00, an event in favor of […]

freedom will pass through hereCasa Álvaro de Campos, in Tavira, will host, on Saturday, 21 November, at 18 pm, an event in favor of the freedom of Luaty Beirão and all political prisoners in Angola.

«Liberty will pass through Here» is an initiative of Associação Raiz and Associação Casa Álvaro de Campos.

The program includes reading poems by Agostinho Neto, Calane da Silva, Manuel Alegre, Caetano Veloso, Ary dos Santos, Xico Buarque, José Mário Branco, SubZero, interspersed with piano music by Marcelo Pontes.

There will also be an exhibition of paintings by Claudia Broeckaret, called «Men who marked Libertarian Culture in diversity», as well as the performance of a rapper.

The direction of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve and the Autonomous Nucleus of African Students of UAlg are invited to this event, namely in the exhibition of a film about the struggle for freedom in Africa.

There will be interventions by Luís Monteiro (psychologist and president of Associação Raiz), Carlos Lopes (lawyer and president of Associação Casa Álvaro de Campos), and Adelino Nogueira Vaz, screenwriter and writer.

According to the organization, «contrary to what many think and cultivate, freedom and active citizenship are not a privilege, nor do they need the tolerance or authorization of political power in the XNUMXst century, but rather a duty and a manifestation of the less lazy and more altruistic, often resulting in blackmail and various exclusions».

«Of all the colonizing countries, Portugal was the only one that created with the colonized a community of affections and “preferences”, shaped by the CPLP», the organization also emphasizes.

Adelino Nogueira Vaz, from Associação Raiz, says that «in this moment of civilizational setback, let us, together, remember freedom, through the forgotten words of those who fought for it and, in some cases, gave their own life, such as Agostinho Neto , Calane da Silva, Ary dos Santos, among others. The profile of the event will not be “rally”, seeking to reach a pedagogical and playful level».