Anselmo Ralph was in Albufeira…to say he's back in December (with photos)

Almost three dozen Anselmo Ralph fans had a very special day on Friday, September 11th, as, […]

Anselmo Ralph in Albufeira_01Almost three dozen Anselmo Ralph fans had a very special day on Friday, September 11th, as, for a few hours, they had the privilege of socializing with the Angolan artist, who traveled to Albufeira for an action to promote the end of year program, where he will be headliner. A photo and autograph session closed the “Meet & Greet” with the artist.

Anselmo Ralph arrived at the esplanade of Clube Borda D'Água, in Praia da Oura, accompanied by the presidents of the Albufeira City Council and the Albufeira Promotion Agency (APAL), with a broad smile on his face and his arms open to all who they approached him on the short journey to the makeshift stage to welcome guests from “Meet & Greet” Anselmo Ralph.

Carlos Silva e Sousa once again took the opportunity to highlight the importance of the New Year celebrations, namely the impact of the initiative in terms of promoting the Albufeira brand and the economic return for companies in the municipality, which continue to invest in the event through partnership with APAL.

Anselmo Ralph in Albufeira_11“Albufeira is at its peak, it is a destination of excellence at various levels: the environmental quality of our beaches, gastronomic richness, traditions, cultural diversity and hotel units that stand out with the most prestigious awards at an international level.

The mayor said he is very pleased to be able to count on the performance of an artist who has already achieved unprecedented success. “Anselmo Ralph is a star, but he is also a person who stands out for his friendliness and simplicity and I am sure he will give a memorable concert in New Year's Eve celebrations”.

Anselmo thanked the local authority for the invitation to perform at the New Year in Albufeira, an event he considered “one of the best in the country and perhaps even in Europe” and left the promise of an unforgettable show on the last day of the year.

José Santos, president of APAL, also expressed enormous “satisfaction to receive a great artist from our brother country”, having highlighted the commitment of all members of the board, as well as its associated businessmen, to, together with the Municipality, make the Year-End program and the hiring of the artist feasible, as soon as possible, in order to enable the timely programming of the commemorations by the tour operators".