Patients at the Hospital de Portimão demand an investigation into the cases of tuberculosis detected

The Portimão NHS Users Commission demands that an inquiry be opened into cases of tuberculosis contamination […]

manif hospital portimãoThe Portimão SNS Users Commission demands that an inquiry be opened to cases of tuberculosis contamination between healthcare professionals at the Hospital de Portimão, to «know for sure» why they have been occurring.

Users of this health unit expressed concern about the news that has been made public and consider that, "if the appropriate measures are not taken, it will soon become an outbreak, threatening many more people than those infected so far."

This situation has motivated an authentic “war” of positions between the Administration of the Hospital Center of the Algarve and the Portuguese Nurses Union, who have been reporting cases of tuberculosis among their representatives (and not only) for several months.

The CHA has already guaranteed that this situation is not abnormal, as health professionals, due to their functions, are always at risk of contamination.

Justifications that users considered "a bunch of lame excuses for what has no excuse." “In hospitals, objects are not treated. They are people and they are also people, everyone who works there», defended the commission.

Until the inquiry is launched, the platform promises not to be silent and admits, "if necessary", to go ahead with more demonstrations at the hospital, or with other measures that are within its reach.