Leakage of ammonia in the factory in Olhão causes eight injuries among the relief forces (with photos)

Seven firefighters and a GNR military were injured following an ammonia leak at the ice factory […]

Combat the leakage of ammonia in the Port of Olhão_1Seven firefighters and a GNR military were injured following an ammonia leak at the Porto de Olhão ice factory.

The accident took place this Thursday in the middle of the afternoon and all victims are out of danger.

O Sul Informação he was at the scene of the accident, where the cleaning work was being completed, after the situation had been resolved. The Captain of the Port of Olhão Nunes Ferreira told our reporter that all the wounded are being treated at the Hospital de Faro, but without notable complications.

"Three of the wounded suffered burns, another three had problems as a result of inhaling gases and two others suffered from exhaustion," he listed

“At around 15:30 pm, there was an ammonia leak from the ice factory. The factory's technicians took action and left the site, as provided for by safety rules», described the Captain of the Port of Olhão.

“The firefighters rushed to the scene, but they were unable to contain the escape and, therefore, we had the wounded. Soon after, we created a security perimeter and allowed the ammonia to dissolve into the atmosphere. Outside the security perimeter, there was no problem for the city of Olhão or for the Ria Formosa. Everything is under control,” he added.

More pictures (Hugo Rodrigues/Sul Informação):

(Updated at 22:10 pm with statements by Commander Nunes Ferreira and photos)