Albufeira announces Anselmo Ralph at the end of the year five months in advance

  Present the New Year's Eve program in August? It may seem strange, but that's what happened this Friday […]



Present the New Year's Eve program in August? It may seem strange, but that's what happened this Friday in Albufeira, to the satisfaction of hoteliers and other businessmen linked to tourism in the municipality.

And the big news announced is the first concert by Angolan Anselmo Ralph, scheduled for the night of December 31, in the Praça dos Pescadores, right next to the beach.

«By closing and presenting the New Year's Eve program five months in advance, tour operators, hoteliers and even the owners of restaurants and other businesses related to tourism in Albufeira can make the promotion in good time», explained Luís Pereira, from the Agency of Albufeira Promotion (APAL), in statements to the Sul Informação.

The presentation of the program for the last days of 2015 and the first days of 2016 took place this Thursday, August 20, Albufeira's municipal holiday, at the end of the afternoon, at Esplanada Dr. Frutuoso da Silva, in front of Hotel Rocamar, with privileged view of Praia do Peneco, still full of people.

Presentation-End-Year-(4)Carlos Silva e Sousa, mayor of Albufeira, highlighted the joint effort that has been made by the local authority and the Albufeira Promotion Agency (APAL) to «expand the Albufeira brand beyond the summer». With that, stressed the mayor, «we create wealth that remains in the municipality, with our entrepreneurs, we create jobs».

This year, the big news is the concert by Anselmo Ralph, who is, along with Tony Carreira, the Portuguese-speaking artist that attracts the most audience in Portugal and one of the best known abroad. Taking into account the great success of the Angolan artist, his stamp is high and the negotiations "were not easy", assured José Lourenço dos Santos, president of APAL.

But the concert has a particularity, which the mayor Carlos Silva e Sousa pointed out as "an example": the fact that the contract is "entirely supported by APAL".

«We took on the important challenge of bringing here an artist of high standing», said José Lourenço dos Santos. «APAL takes the risk, alone but with the contribution of all the entrepreneurs that make up the association, of bringing Anselmo Ralph here».

The Angolan singer's manager, also present at the session, only promised that Anselmo Ralph "will give a good show".

The Municipality of Albufeira is responsible for ensuring all the logistical part of the end-of-year show, with the Angolan artist, which will culminate with the usual fireworks, at Praça dos Pescadores but also at Praia da Oura, «this year with a little more duration», promised Carlos Silva e Sousa.

Moreover, the year-end poster in the municipality of Albufeira also includes, on December 31, after the midnight fireworks, the Star Parade, on Avenida Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, in Oura, a parade of artists circus artists that liven up the streets and adherent commercial establishments, with juggling, acrobatics, numbers with fire and many surprises.

Presentation-End-Year-(3)Between the 1st and 3rd of January, the village of Paderne, in the interior of the municipality, receives the historical recreation of Paderne Medieval.

During these three days, the village of Barrocal in the Algarve goes back in time and welcomes nearly 10 visitors, who will have the opportunity to walk the streets of Paderne in a unique environment.

The old core of the village is being prepared to perfection and has a medieval market where there will be plenty of gastronomic delicacies, ancient arts and crafts, exhibitions and musical performances alluding to the time.

Visitors will also be able to watch the historic parade that portrays the ceremony for the delivery of the Letter of Donation to Paderne.

From 1 to 4, the Solrir Festival will also take place at the Palácio dos Congressos dos Salgados, which will bring some of the greatest Portuguese comedians. In the edition that marked the beginning of this year of 2015, Solrir had 6 thousand spectators.

However, the Sul Informação You know that the City of Albufeira is in negotiations with TVI for, as happened last year, this TV channel broadcast, on December 31st, its Special New Year's Program live from the city centre. There will be six hours of broadcasting broadcast by the leading audience station, which is associated, for the second time, with the New Year's Eve celebrations in Albufeira, in a program that has an estimated audience of over 1 million viewers.

Finally, José Lourenço dos Santos, president of APAL, also highlighted the need to «keep the activity of all those who work in Albufeira as dynamic as possible», hoping that «the change of year will contribute to the success of next year tourist'. In 2105, the hotel entrepreneur assured, «we are living in the best years of tourism ever. There is a dynamic that is going through the whole Algarve».

Albufeira's New Year's Eve program is the result of a partnership between the Municipality and the Albufeira Promotion Agency (APAL), with the support of the multi-sectorial association ACRAL, Portuguese Hotel, Restaurant and Similar Association (AHRESP), Entrepreneurs Association from Avenida Sá Carneiro – Albufeira and a number of other local entities and associations.


Anselmo Ralph finishes tour in Albufeira

Anselmo Ralph is the singer who gives the most concerts in Portugal. He sells thousands of records, draws crowds, fills the biggest concert halls in the country with his talent.

The Angolan artist has an unmistakable style that has taken radios and dance floors by storm with the theme “No Me Toca”.

In 2013, the MEO Arena sold out and, in 2014, it filled the Lisbon Coliseum for two days in a row.

Anselmo is followed by thousands of fans and his success has reached an unprecedented dimension, which will be portrayed
on the big screens. Scheduled for release on September 3, the film directed by André Banza tells the story of this
singer who started out timidly as a soloist, but is now one of the greatest artists today.

Anselmo Ralph's music “has conquered all continents, in addition to his country of origin, Angola, which considers him the greatest singer and performer of your generation”.

The concert in Albufeira ends the singer's tour, which after the summer, will give only two more shows: at MEO Arena, which is almost sold out, and at Albufeira's New Year's Eve.

After this last big concert of 2015, Anselmo Ralph will take a break to compose new material.