Famous people will race in Serra de Silves on I Trail do Lince

Serra de Silves will receive the I Trail do Lince on September 12th. The initiative has as […]

Poster_A4_AFSerra de Silves will receive the I Trail do Lince on September 12th. The initiative has several public figures as ambassadors, with the mannequin Mário Franco, WWF ambassador, the main driving force behind the project.

“We brought together several ambassadors from the areas of sport, fashion, arts and communication. The defense of the Iberian lynx and the preservation of nature are themes that touch people a lot,” explains Mário Franco.

The first edition of the race is divided into the modalities of long trail (42 km individually or by relay), short trail (10 km) and walking (10 km).

According to Mário Franco, «the possibility of exploring the corners of the natural habitat of the Iberian lynx is one of the challenges that has most excited the ambassadors», who will participate in the competition.

Lince's I Trail is a solidary event. For each entry, €2 will be awarded to WWF and the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, for the Green Heart of Cork project (In Coração do Montado) and the Fund for the Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity, respectively.

The organization of the event – ​​Fire! – together with the Secretary of State for the Environment and Nature Conservation, the WWF, the League for the Protection of Nature, the Iberlinx Association and the Algarve Trail Running Association «call everyone's involvement to support the reintroduction of this species in its natural habitat ».

In addition to Mário Franco, I Trail do Lince has as ambassadors António Nascimento, Miguel Castro Neto, Luís Represas, Sandra Cóias, Bernardo Coelho, Mafalda Matos, Alexandre da Silva, Sónia Balacó, João Nare, Francisco Mendes, Pedro Górgia, Ricardo Dinis , Silvie Dias, Pedro Lucas, Elsa Correia, Quimbé, Pedro Rocha dos Santos, Afonso Vilela, Ricardo Andorinho and Ângela Morgado.

Enrollments for the I Trail do Lince can be made until the 15th of August with a promotional value on the competition's website: www.traildolince.pt.