Young people embark in Sines for sailing training in Creoula

Forty-seven young people will embark on the 21st of July in Sines for sailing training, aboard the sailboat […]

creoulaForty-seven young people will embark, on 21 July, in Sines for sailing training, aboard the sailboat «Creoula», following the preparation of the event Grandes Veleiros Sines 2017, organized by AporVela, from the Sines Ports Administration and the Algarve, the Municipality of Sines and Alentejo Tourism.

This sailing training trip is aimed at young people aged 14 and over, with 47 places available, 19 for girls and 28 for boys.

The embarkation will take place in Sines on the 21st of July, at 15 pm, heading for Cádiz, where they will stay for a day and a night, with a visit to the city and a trip to the beach. The return to Sines is scheduled to disembark on the 27th of July, at 11 am.

Young people board as crew and on board will perform various activities.

In addition to the regular shifts, AporVela organizes workshops related to sailing and seamanship, the economy of the sea, maritime safety and many other initiatives that have the permanent presence of five monitors on board.

Companies in the region are invited to sponsor the embarkation of young people, children of employees, with the aim of bringing them closer to the sea and the activities that can be developed there.

Companies can also sponsor the boarding of young people with economic difficulties who are followed by institutions with a direct connection to the Municipality of Sines, which will make their selection,

The registration fee per person is 455 euros and registration is open until the 5th of July, via email to [email protected], or telephone number 917246802.