Faro receives 1st edition of Fartoon at the end of 2015

The city of Faro will receive at the end of the year the first edition of Fartoon – 1st Cartoon Exhibition […]

Faro 1540The city of Faro will receive, at the end of the year, the first edition of Fartoon – 1st Mostra de Cartoons de Faro. Faro 1540, which will organize the event, said that the highlight of the exhibition will be «an exhibition lasting 8 weeks», between November 4th and January 3rd, where the works selected in the competition will be exhibited.

In the first edition of Fartoon, which will have as its theme “Sustainability for the future”, “all national or foreign citizens can participate individually or in groups, and their registration is free. send their work to the organization by the 2nd of October».

The works will be exhibited and evaluated by a Jury composed of 5 elements, but the public will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite cartoons.

According to Faro 1540, «it is intended that this initiative is not an isolated act, but the embryo project (year zero) of an exhibition of reference cartoons in the south of the country, making known and projecting new talents, promoting this form of communication at the same time that through the proposed theme, the aim is to make the public aware of the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability as fundamental pillars for the balanced development of the society in which we live».

More information and participation rules are available at page of Faro 1540.